Comfort Noodles

Back in the day, before I cared so much about the food I put into my body – in those dark days when being skinny was the primary goal and high-carb, low-fat was the way to go – one of my favorite “I don’t feel like cooking” meals was a bowl of spaghetti with a little olive oil and parmesan cheese with a few (fat free) breadcrumbs sprinkled on top. It could be throw together in about... read more

Ira Glass on Being Creative

This video is applicable to anyone trying to do anything new. Great. Special. Unusual. Whether it’s re-shaping your body, re-forming your relationship with food, conquering a pullup, writing a cookbook (ahem), starting a blog, trying a sport, taking a photo, drawing a picture, repairing a relationship… there’s wonderful advice contained within. Headline: Do the work and keep going. Just... read more

Darlene Price Reminds Us All To Get Back Up

Sometimes I have the great honor of working out with Darlene at CrossFit Austin. She’s a supportive, smiling, enthusiastic workout partner, so tackling a WOD with her is a rare and wonderful treat. Don’t be fooled by her friendly demeanor – she is a badass of the first order. At the recent CrossFit Games, she took second place Masters Division (and inspired me to think ahead to trying to... read more

Deserted By Double-Unders + Bonus Barbell Dump

I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. last night. I’m like a toddler with a bedtime, crawling between the sheets while it’s still light outside! It was lovely, truth be told – and I got a glorious nine hours of sleep… which, oddly, didn’t make the alarm seem any friendlier at 5:53 a.m. I was even less excited when I saw the workout because I thought, That looks dumb. What I should have... read more

Smupdate! August 16, 2011

Sometimes, when I’m hanging with the corporate overlords, Dave emails me photos of what Smudge is doing. This just in: The Farmhouse Delivery has... read more

Reading is Sexy: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

When I’m not trying to beat the WOD clock or shoveling delicious dino-chow into my paleo-pie hole, I mostly like to lose myself in a book. My preference is, generally, a long story (300+ pages make me weep with joy); told in the first person, past tense (Although I’ll also take an omniscient, third-person narrator in past tense. ALWAYS past tense. I need my narrators to have time to reflect... read more

Strength Tuesday: 8/16/11

In my quest for lean superhero-ness, I tackle the Strength Training Workout posted by Coach Wes every Tuesday at CrossFit Austin. So… today was my first workout in more than a week. Almost two weeks, if I’m totally honest. Yes, I went hiking in the Hollywood hills and yes, I rode a bike along the beach in Santa Monica. But those were leisurely jaunts. I worked up a sweat, but there was plenty... read more

Call Me “Ambassador”

Yesterday, I told you about Revolutionary Act and mentioned Experience Life magazine – today I’m excited to announce that Experience Life has started a Community Ambassador program, and I’m one of the six Ambassadors. I think that means I’m supposed to learn some protocols, practice my curtsy, and start listing my honorary titles on my business card, no? Melissa... read more

Book Club: Primal Body, Primal Mind

I’m delighted that so many of you were inspired by my post about Nora Gedgaudas’s presentation at the AHS last week. Our online book club is officially kicking off! If you’d like to join us, all you need to do is get a copy of Nora’s book Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life and start reading. It would be great if participants post to... read more

Join the Revolution

“In an unhealthy society like ours, being healthy has become a revolutionary act.” I like to think I’m a punk rock foodie, and I love the idea of all of us as revolutionaries, declaring our independence from packaged food, mind-numbing workouts, and the standard health advice that doesn’t make us healthier, but merely keeps us live. So I’m pretty excited about Revolutionary... read more

Food And Love

I don’t want to ruin the story linked below by telling you too much about it , but here’s my sales pitch to get you to read it: It’s perfectly paced and gorgeously written – sweet and light and sad and hopeful – and encapsulates exactly the way I feel about good food, family, and love. I love what it has to say (without actually saying it at all) about how we can almost always exceed... read more

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