No Wonder Vodka Is So Popular

Thirty minutes! How hard could that be?!

This is what I told myself in the car on the way to CrossFit Austin.

It’s just  moderate running – ’cause mortals like me can’t sprint 800m – with some fun stuff in between. How hard could that be?!

AMRAP, 30:00
800m run
10/leg Russian lunges, 25# DB
15 goblet squats, 25# DB
20 tic-tacs, 10# ball

My rounds: 3 complete + 800m run

A few definitions:

Russian lunges: can be done walking or stationary; hold a dumbbell at chest height; lunge forward, touching back knee to the ground; rotate torso toward the front knee; stand up; repeat on the other side.

Goblet squat: stand in squat stance; hold a dumbbell at chest height; squat, keeping chest tall; stand up.

Tic-Tac: sit on the floor with abs contracted, knees bent, feet lifted off floor; hold medicine ball at chest height; rotate torso side to side, tapping the ball on the floor on each side.

So… taking the Russian thing to a completely illogical extreme, in our imaginations, we were dancing like this during the lunges…

photo -

… then drank vodka from the “goblet” during our squats and found ourselves knocked on our butts, but still trying to dance (a.k.a., tic-tacs). I kinda wish there had been some vodka involved – it might have been less painful.

Um, yeah. I took a few 5-second walk breaks during the running, and my Russian lunges were appropriately jaunty on the left side and somewhat sluggish and sloppy on the right side. Yay, leftover Derby thigh! But I’m putting a checkmark in the “Hell, yeah!” column because I did the workout with the RX weight. Those are few and far between, so I’ll toast to that… Na zdorovje!

UPDATE: Dave did the workout in class a few hours after mine. When I asked how it went, he replied. “That workout was freakin’ hard – at one point, I could feel my pulse in my face.”

There you have it: a workout that drives you to drink and feel your pulse in your face. Happy Friday!



16 Responses to “No Wonder Vodka Is So Popular”

  1. Jables says:

    I have a feeling vodka would definitely make this easier and a lot more fun :) Going at noon and just hoping to survive!!

  2. It’s very rare that the running portion of a WOD (rowing for me) is my favorite part. That’s no good.

    I’m glad I did it. I’m taking a check mark for finishing a tough workout. Brutal. I’ll bring the liquor next time. I would at least be more pleasant to be around while wobbling thru lunges and barfing on my shoes.

  3. Morten says:

    HA! I was taught that tic-tacs are called Russian Twists (with a kettlebell though). You forgot to mention in your explanation that shoulders are off the ground.

  4. Lindsay says:

    “…pulse in your face.” I LOVE this. For some reason, my husband and I get a giggle attack every time we hear the word “face”. This line is added to the long list of “third-grade-level-things that make us laugh-list” – in a very good way. Thank you for this. Love your face!

  5. ElizabethJ says:

    Your post really made me lol. I’m glad you had a great (hard) work out.

  6. De23 says:

    Hee! I’ve had some of those pulse-in-your-face moments the last couple weeks – I finally found a new CF gym in my area that has actual classes, and I love Love LOVE it! I can now read your CF posts without suffering from envy. We did goblet squats on Friday – ow.

  7. Walker says:

    Pulse in your face so perfectly describes this WOD.

    Wes didn’t tell me a weight for the tic tacs so I picked up the 14 I would use for wall balls. Ooops. Had to do in sets of 5 and I could not get my feet off the ground. Should have done the lunges with no weight my form was so terrible. Alas. It is done.

    PS. Remind me to read your post before I attempt a WOD…and THANK YOU so much for your cheering!

    • Mel says:

      Oh, Walker. I was feelin’ you this morning. That thing was WAY harder than it looked on paper. The Russian lunges are just evil — and yes, tic-tacs with anything more than 10 are ZERO fun. ZERO.

      You were awesome, and your running looked really strong. You maybe weren’t feeling strong, but you looked great!

  8. Laura says:

    This kicked my rear end!!!!

  9. Carol says:

    So I’m new to this crossfit style of workout and i haven’t officially even started anything but i’m trying to get lingo/structure down… does that mean you did that 3 times AND ran 800m 3 times?

  10. Mel says:

    AMRAP means “as many rounds as possible” so I did the whole list of stuff three times PLUS started the list again for a fourth time but only got through the 800m run before the 30 minute cut off.

    So I did this:
    800m run
    10/leg Russian lunges, 25# DB
    15 goblet squats, 25# DB
    20 tic-tacs, 10# ball

    800m run
    10/leg Russian lunges, 25# DB
    15 goblet squats, 25# DB
    20 tic-tacs, 10# ball

    800m run
    10/leg Russian lunges, 25# DB
    15 goblet squats, 25# DB
    20 tic-tacs, 10# ball

    800m run

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