Smupdate! August 16, 2011

Sometimes, when I’m hanging with the corporate overlords, Dave emails me photos of what Smudge is doing.

This just in: The Farmhouse Delivery has arrived.


2 Responses to “Smupdate! August 16, 2011”

  1. Ehsa says:

    Just catching up with your posts and couldn’t let this Smupdate go uncommented. What a beautiful Smudge pic! Clearly, the farmhouse veggies agree with her! The Smudgekins is a totally worthy cat for your Ambassadorship. Have subscribed to the magazine after checking out the online goodies, can’t wait to receive it. All these goings-on of yours are very exciting, hopefully as much for you as for us fans. My julienner is arriving from Amazon today, so next step is to enjoy your zucchini spaghetti for dins. You are totally on a roll! Thanks!

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