Ridin’ Satan’s Tricycle

I swear on my favorite black boots from France, during one of my 30-second intervals on the Airdyne this morning, I looked to my right, and I saw this: There is nothing quite so terrifying as the demons that come along for the ride when sprinting on Satan’s Tricycle. Skill: snatch progression 5 OH squats 5 pull-unders 5 hip snatch 5 lift off 10:00 snatch practice @ 50-60%, 40# WOD 5 rounds: :30... read more

100 Years of East London Style

This has nothing to do with anything; I just like it. Life-affirming dancing and adorable fashions. Enjoy! read more

The Spice & Tea Exchange

I feel very passionately about the things I love (Jane Eyre, Social Distortion, Smudge, Dave), but I try to remain agnostic about other things, lest I miss out on something totally awesome. For example, I’m a loyal follower of the guidelines set forth by the fabulously healthy and smart Melissa and Dallas of Whole9Life, but I also read Mark’s Daily Apple and Robb Wolf and Free The Animal and... read more

Cookbook Update

We’re thisclose to having a design for the cover of the cookbook, and I can’t wait to show that to you! Since we’re not quite ready for the big reveal, now seems like a fine time to share the cookbook title and a few sample photos to whet your appetite. The Title We held a title brainstorm with some of our smarty-pants friends last month. Fueled by sample recipes from the cookbook and... read more

Primal Body, Primal Mind: Q&A #1

Welcome to the first virtual meeting of our book club and our discussion of Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas! (If you don’t know what’s going on around here, read this post.) If we were all sitting together in my living room, I’d ask you some questions to get the ball rolling, so I want to give you a chance to share your thoughts before I chime in.  One thing I will throw into... read more

A Week Of Workouts

I’ve had a busy week with the corporate overlords and cookbook production – and I surrendered yesterday to a mild head cold by spending the ENTIRE DAY in bed – so I’ve slacked a little on workout updates. In case you’re curious about what how I got sweaty this week, I’ve compiled them below. Coach Wes declared this week “Recovery Week” which means the workouts were... read more

SB&J Burger

Dave and I enjoyed many fine meals while we were at the Ancestral Healthy Symposium: among them were Animal with our paleo foodie friends and 26 Beach in Venice, on the recommendation of Melissa & Dallas of Whole9Life. (If you live near 26 Beach, they now offer online ordering!) To get to Venice, we rented bikes in Santa Monica and rode along the beach. What a day! The sky was brilliant blue and the... read more

Life In Verbs

ThingsWeForget has done it again! The copyeditor in me wants it to say “Live is a verb” (just to make it accurate, you know?), but I cannot quibble with the sentiment – nor with the fact that it inspired me to make a list of my favorite verbs. In no particular order, here are… My 13 Favorite Verbs (Right... read more

Our Thoughts Make The World

I saw this image on another blog this morning, and it inspired me to mash together a few ideas I’ve run across lately. I agree: perception is reality and what we think impacts what we do – and that changes the world. Then I remembered what Nora Gedgaudas said in her AHS presentation: “Emotions are biochemical storms in the body and brain.” and “We see everything through the lens of blood... read more

Kitchen Superheroes

If it’s possible to put love into food – and you know I believe that it is – is it also possible to infuse the things we eat with superhero powers? With aprons like these, I think the answer is a victorious YES! Created and sold by Bethany Sew-and-Sew, these superhero aprons are the very best combination of practical and fatastical! It’s all the fun of a costume with the added bonus of... read more

No Wonder Vodka Is So Popular

Thirty minutes! How hard could that be?! This is what I told myself in the car on the way to CrossFit Austin. It’s just  moderate running – ’cause mortals like me can’t sprint 800m – with some fun stuff in between. How hard could that be?! AMRAP, 30:00 800m run 10/leg Russian lunges, 25# DB 15 goblet squats, 25# DB 20 tic-tacs, 10# ball My rounds: 3 complete + 800m run A few... read more

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