I’m a Trading Card!

So… I’m having, like, the worst day at work EVER.


During an afternoon browse through my favorite blogs, I took a trip over to Pop Candy – the best pop culture/entertainment blog – to cheer myself up, and I saw this:

The adorable and cool and smart and Converse-clad Whitney Matheson, the genius behind Pop Candy, is taking trading cards to Comic-Con this year, and I’ve been immortalized on one of them. I am beyond the beyond with giddiness. I’m thismuchcloser to actually becoming a comic book superhero. Right on!

And look how cutie Whitney is in her comic book state:

This is not the first time Whitney and I put our black hair and Converse together. Here we are making our mean faces at a meet-up in Austin in 2009. It kinda seems like with our shared taste in scowls, footwear, and hairstyle, we were meant to be buddies, at least online. Thanks, Whitney!

If you’re not reading Pop Candy, you really should subscribe. It’s fun entertainment news – movies, TV, books, comics – with lots of personality, no mean snarkiness. It’s all happiness and rainbows and unicorns and Whitney goodness. And if any of you are going to Comic-Con, say hi to Whitney and get your hands on one of my trading cards!

22 Responses to “I’m a Trading Card!”

  1. Tom Denham says:

    I’ve got tears of happiness in my eyes reading about your trading card. That is so cool!

  2. Patty says:

    That is adorable!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Is it ok that I just made your trading card my profile pic on FB? I love your motto!

  4. Harmony says:

    I’m having a pretty crappy day myself. I’d settle for one of your trading cards to pump me up, I don’t even need one of myself. Luckily you posted it here!

  5. So AWESOME! I love the Chucks in the corner, too!

  6. That is amazing!! I’m working a new blog site and that is going on the mainpage. I do occasionally need reminders not to cheat. **coughcough**

    I am sorry you had a bad day, cherie. I hope today is better.

  7. BIG BUSINESS says:

    Congrats on being a card! So cool! Yours is a favorite of mine!

  8. BIG BUSINESS says:

    Did you get your cards from whitney yet? I got mine…they rule!

  9. Amanda J. says:

    Mel, this is just so cool! You have to help us out here who live far away, figure out how to get our hands on them! I would love to have one in my back pocket for strength on my bad days!

    • Mel says:

      Whitney said she’s going to send me some, so maybe if there are enough, I can do a give-away… or at the very least, scan it so you can DIY a card on your end. I’ll let you know… and I’m totally flattered that you want one. So sweet!

  10. Couldn’t have happened to a more awesome chick. Congratulations, Mel.

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