Friday Clean Up

Something happened today that I never thought I would experience. I read the WOD on the whiteboard and spontaneously thought, Yay, cleans! It’s particularly sweet because when I started at CrossFit Austin about a year ago, I was mightily afraid of cleans. But Tristy, as she always does, gave me excellent cues, taught me to slow down on the slow parts and speed up on the fast parts, and – most... read more

Pssst…. Sneak Peek

I’m not quite ready to unveil all the cookbook details yet – and I can’t wait to tell you the title, ’cause I think you’re gonna love it! For now, I’m super-excited to share a sneak peek of a sample recipe layout. The fabulous Kathleen Shannon is our design genius. She sprinkles Kathleen Fairy Dust™ on everything she does to make it extra special. This is Kathleen: And... read more

Mad Skillz

Although I know better, if the WOD doesn’t look crazytown – say, lots of reps or murderous running+barbell rounds – I sometimes think, deep inside, where the monsters sit in easy chairs, smoking cigars and eating pepperoni pizza, that the workout won’t be hard enough. THAT kind of thinking is what’s crazytown. This morning and Monday, Coach Wes prescribed skills work, and you know... read more

Cupcakes Are Evil

Today is “Birthday Day” at our office, which means cupcakes (with sprinkles on top!) to celebrate all the people with birthdays this month. I, of course, declined. Again. [sigh] I’m in a conference room RIGHT NOW with people eating cupcakes and the aroma of the frosting is pretty hard to endure. I ADORE frosting, and I LOVE the smell. This is pretty much torture, and I’m feeling a... read more

Grilled Cherry Tomatoes

I should love cherry tomatoes: they’re tiny, they’re bursting with juiciness, and they represent the deep heart of summer. But between us friends, I hate the way they squirt when I bite ’em and the somewhat citrus-y tone of their sweetness doesn’t sit well on my tongue. Emboldened by my success with the grilled okra, I tossed my my CSA haul of cherry tomatoes with some fat and... read more

Friday Flashback: Vegas, Baby

I’ve been blogging here since 2008, and – if I do say so myself – there’s some good stuff in my archive that you might have missed. On Fridays, I’m going to take you on a Friday Flashback and point you to some good stuff from the checkered past of The Clothes Make The Girl. Vegas, Baby Originally posted on May 28, 2009, this post highlights a motivating statement from CrossFit Las... read more

Smupdate! July 22, 2011

Sometimes, when I’m hanging with the corporate overlords, Dave emails me photos of what Smudge is doing. This just in: Smudge (and Dave) would like to remind you that rest is as important to your training success as your... read more

Fifteen 200s. Must Be Friday.

Here’s the thing: I’ve mostly made peace with being solidly in the middle of the pack. There was a time, when I started CrossFit bootcamp almost four years ago, when I finished dead last every day. Every. Day. It was those early experiences that inspired the mantra Never Cheat. Never Quit. because there was a girl in my bootcamp who was routinely neck-and-neck with me, then would miraculously... read more

40 Seconds To Glory

Reason #347 that I love CFA: It makes time elastic. Forty seconds of work can last a lifetime; 20 seconds of rest flash by in a blink. This was our CrossFit Austin workout this morning. Skills double-under progressions rowing practice WOD 7 rounds: :40 row for meters @ 90-95% effort (record average) :20 rest :40 double-unders :20 rest :40 hollow holds :20 rest My average row: 181m This WOD tricked me with... read more

Estrogen And Performance

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less content with the idea of thinking “that’s just how I am” and more curious about why I do and think and feel the things I do. In particular, trying to understand the many hormonal changes I go through during each month (a.k.a., hormone poisoning ) is endlessly fascinating. A few years ago, I read a book called 28 Days: What Your Cycle... read more

Cold Sesame (Cucumber) Noodles

Sometimes, especially when I’m stressed or enduring monthly hormone poisoning, my desire for the good ol’ days of takeout is almost unbearable. In my romanticized memories, ordering Chinese takeout was a carefree experience: we just picked up the phone, ordered a pile of food, and 45 minutes later, we were inhaling spare ribs, cold sesame noodles, and fried rice. In reality, I did all kinds of... read more

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