All About Caffeine

Learn all about the caffeine in coffee and enjoy some cute graphics along the way! (I like the educational aspects of the video, but no matter how much the charming narrator wants to convince me of caffeine’s “positive” attributes, I’m remaining caffeine free.)


2 Responses to “All About Caffeine”

  1. JL says:

    hey mel!

    Thanks for sharing!! I’m still catching up on your blogs (I think I’ve said this in … well … pretty much every comment the last few weeks but you are one of the few bloggers that I insist on reading every post!)

    Anyway, I am addicted to videos like these. 5 minute tidbits on “where does x come from?” or “how does x work?” As a result, TED and Wimp are the most used apps on my iPhone! :)

    Anyway, reading through your posts has given me two inspirations for posts on my own blog! I’ve suffered from a bit of writers block lately and I think you’ve given me some springboards to … well…spring from! :)


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