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These photos seem to be showing up all over the place today, but I found them at the art blog My Modern Met.

Brought to life by Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli, the photos in his project “Disparity” create a whimsical playland in which food takes on epic proportions – and each photo tells a story on a tiny-but-impactful human scale.

The Stickup: The Fig District used to be one of the safest places. But it has really gone downhill lately.

Boffoli explained the motivation behind this project to My Modern Met:

I have always been interested in size disparity and a juxtaposition of scales between people and things. It seems to be a really common theme, dating from its use in the 18th Century by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels all the way through the television and films of the 1970′s (like Sid and Marty Kroft’s Dr. Shrinker) and 80′s (The Incredible Shrinking Woman/Honey I Shrunk the Kids/Innerspace) that I grew up on…. In terms of this series, food was a natural choice as a backdrop because it is the most common subject for most people, readily accessible to them. Not to mention, food can be beautiful with wonderful textures and colors.

As I’ve mentioned before, I la-la-loved the show Dr. Shrinker as a kid, so these photographs – and their associated captions – have completely captured my heart. I want to buy every one as a print and hang them in my kitchen.

Egg crack road crew

Egg crack road crew: They're not going to be happy to hear about this down at the henhouse.

The landscaper: Jed realized that if he were going to do this professionally he really needed to upgrade to a power mower.

I’ve included just a few of my favorites here, but be sure to visit Boffoli’s site… it includes many more Disparity photos, as well as gorgeous shots of landscapes and people taken around the world.

See all of Christpher Boffoli’s photos here!




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