Defining Our Own "Rules"

I just read this blog post at Health Metamorphosis and really liked some of the thinking. Tasty tidbit: Will power IS important, but the best way to strengthen it is NOT to use it more often. It’s not like a muscle that gets stronger the more you strain it. It’s just the opposite: your will power gets stronger when you use it as little as possible. If you can make some changes in your daily... read more

Play Hard, Look Good

Confession time: One of the things that first attracted me to Roller Derby was the cute outfits. I know I should say it was the athleticism, the opportunity to be part of a team, the chance to recreate a sport for the new millennium. But no, it was the outfits. Prior to my Derby days, I’d slogged my way through long-distance bike rides and several triathlons, all of which warranted wearing terribly... read more

Kibbeh Sinayee (Lamb Diamonds!)

It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I say diamonds are a girl’s (and boy’s) best friend when they’re made out of meat! I think I was really missing my family last week, ’cause I dug into some Lebanese family favorites. I had cravings for tahini dressing… and turned my spinach into Simple Lemon Spinach… and I transformed ground lamb in... read more

Monday Tabata

My snatch skills took a sabbatical this morning, and my knees-to-elbows were more like “knees somewhere in the vicinity of my torso, sorta, when my hands aren’t slipping off the bar from the humidity.” But… I fought for the lifts, got over my not insubstantial heebies about trying to jump on the box with plates in my hands (And really, what was I so worried about? By the third... read more

The Experiment Continues

One of the things I like best about my CrossFit+dino-chow lifestyle is that it’s made me much more receptive to the notion of Trying Things.™ When I was a devout Weight Watchers member or following the Zone, for example, I clung to the rules with a grip as tight as the pullup bar, desperate not to slip. But bodies don’t really follow rules. And now that I’ve grown accustomed to that... read more

Smupdate! March 20, 2011

This just in: Smudge has perfected the art of using her impressive (and impressively soft!) belly as a ballast ensure no matter how precarious her position, she never falls off the... read more

NRNM: Guest Post From Sarah Fragoso

In fierce opposition to the ADA’s National Nutrition Month, I’m doing my own advocacy with National REAL Nutrition Month. Throughout March, I’ll post ideas and tips for something you can do to improve your own health habits, along with stuff you can do to painlessly share what you know with the people you love. (All the posts thus far are right here, or click the “National REAL... read more

Simple Lemon Spinach

My family is part Lebanese, and my parents are two of the best cooks on the planet. Every few weeks when I was growing up, we’d make a Lebanese feast together: lamb kebabs, hummus, homemade pita bread, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush… and with the leftover dough from pitas, my dad would make spinach pies: golden brown triangles of tender, homemade dough stuffed with spinach and onion that had a light,... read more

The Barbell & I: We Are Demon Fighters

I don’t know what lives in your gym, but at CrossFit Austin, there’s a little demon that lives at the bottom of the squat. He seems to only come out of hiding for CrossFit Total, and I’m not sure if he and his brethren haunt others, or just me. He looks like this: [image] Right about the time I should be thinking about keeping my core tight and pressing my knees out – in that... read more

2011 Paleo Community Survey

Many fine, fine folks are behind the survey(Why, hello, Rob Wolf, Sarah Fragoso, Dianne Hsieh, and Melissa McEwen!), so I encourage you to take a few minutes and share your thoughts. Details and survey right... read more

Garlic-Balsamic Grilled Butternut

Butternut squash made me go “Meh [shrug]” until my pal Stacey told me she likes to cook hers on the grill. Hmmm… Sweet butternut squash + high heat = carmelization Y’all know that carmelized and charred is how I like just about everything. I did a little research and cobbled together a recipe that I loved. This is great as a side dish with grilled meats – I’ve also chopped... read more

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