Smupdate! February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day from... read more

Sunday Cooking WOD

We totally scored at our local Sprouts this weekend: organic, grass-fed ground beef for $5.99/lb. I bought eight packages! Along with happy chicken, ground lamb, and a hunk of beef for stewing. Then after a truly glorious two-hour nap yesterday afternoon, I shuffled to the kitchen – grumpy and grumbling – to prep food for the week. I really enjoy playing with flavors in the kitchen, but working the... read more

A Valentine To Kale

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, an adorable ode to everyone’s favorite superfood. (Click it to see it nice and big.) Writer/illustrator Anne Emond offers this and other funny adorableness on her comics blog and her personal site. Should you find yourself with a bunch of kale, consider the following recipes – presented with love from me to you – to move your kale from the fridge to your... read more

I Wish I Had Arms Like Barbie

[source] Not because I aspire to her completely unrealistic measurements – read this entertaining piece that answers “What would a real life Barbie look like?” – but because if I had arms like Barbie, I COULD TAKE THEM OFF UNTIL THEY FEEL BETTER. This month’s workouts at CrossFit Austin are devoted to helping us train for the testing we’ll undergo at the end of the... read more

"You’re The Top" Tuna Salad

Dave is a fan of my homemade mayo, but he confessed a few days ago that since his Whole30, the idea of tuna salad left him cold. “I miss the sweet pickle relish,” he said, oh-so-sadly. Which got me thinking: is there a healthy way to make tuna salad with a touch of sweetness and crunch? And then I remembered the Waldorf salad. When we made Waldorf Salad in sixth-grade home ec class, I declined... read more

New Legs

Yesterday I had a less-than-awesome review of my thyroid situation with my endocrinologist. I was disappointed and allowed myself to wallow last night: pajamas immediately after work, Law & Order: Criminal Intent re-runs, nuts and blueberries and coconut milk, unremitting pouting. I threw an excellent pity party. But throughout the day, my little voice was also reminding me that I am fortunate. My... read more

Box Jump Face

Not to be confused with pullup face, deadlift face, or thruster face. [Thanks to the photog at CrossFit Austin for capturing the... read more

From Snow to Sunny, 60s, and Sprinting

First, the snow. I know half an inch of snow and temperatures in the teens aren’t a big deal to many readers of my blog. But in Austin, Texas, it’s a very unusual occurrence. According to the local news, last week included some of the coldest temperatures in Austin since 1989. (Our friends, visiting from Alaska, joked that we really didn’t need to go so far to make them feel welcome.)... read more

Right On

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Reading Is Sexy

… especially if you’re reading stuff about eating clean and conquering the world! I just discovered Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb blog, and he’s got lists of hundreds of paleo and low-carb blogs. Definitely a fun and educational way to kill some time. His most recent list – 50 Low-Carb, Paleo & Health Blogs For February 2011 – includes the Whole9 and Nom Nom... read more

Take THAT, Hormone Poisoning

Gentlemen: If you’re squeamish, you might want to avert your eyes. I’m going to share some girly details with my lady friends. You’re welcome to stick around ’cause I’m going to talk about lifting heavy stuff, too. So, yeah. Hormone poisoning. I’ve talked about the joys of being a girl before: the dropsies, the emotional outbursts, the sleeplessness, the excruciating... read more

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