Keep Hoping Machine Running

A few years ago, I stopped making new year’s resolutions because they feel like they run counter to what I’m trying to do: live every day like the best version of myself I can be. However, this set of “New Year Rulin’s” from Woody Guthrie is very charming and sweet. (Click it to see a big version you can read.) I liked Guthrie’s list so much, I thought I’d steal a... read more

Whole30 and Well Fed

Did you see the awesome announcement? Whole9 is sponsoring another new year’s Whole30 that starts on January 1. To help everyone kick it off right, they’ve compiled a list of tremendously helpful resources — and Well Fed is included in their list. If you’re still thinking about trying a Whole30, I want you to commit. So in the spirit of getting you on board…   5 Reasons You... read more

New Year’s Eve: Paleo Style

Dave and I have a long-standing tradition on New Year’s Eve: We have a relaxing, “do nothing special” kind of day while the sun is up, treat ourselves to a nice lunch in a restaurant, then watch movies and eat homemade food for dinner. That way, when we wake to greet the shiny near year the next morning, we feel Good. This year, we’re starting our New Year’s Eve day with yoga,... read more

Gratitude and Giving

Before I found CrossFit and yoga and paleo (all of YOU), I was a Rollergirl. I never felt like I completely fit in, but there were two things that made me very grateful to be a Rollergirl: (1) feeling the power of wearing my uniform and skates and (2) the sense of sisterhood among the skaters, not just in my league, but all over the world. I don’t have sisters, but in my imagination, the... read more

A Chat With Stumptuous

Do you know You really should! It’s the online home of Krista Scott-Dixon. She’s our kinda girl thanks to her first-rate information about commitment to real food, smart training, the power of women — all delivered with a healthy dose of no-nonsense spunk and a sense of humor. Last week, we had a leisurely chat about Well Fed, along with a bunch of other stuff, including what... read more


Christmas Eve, 2011 – 11:57 p.m. Christmas Morning, 2011 – 8:00... read more

Christmas Snaps

A few shots from around our house. It’s raining – no white Christmas in Austin – but it’s merry, merry inside. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Love from Dave, Smudge, and me to... read more

Holiday Workouts with Bonus Relaxation

Need to get some oxygen moving through your body?! Need to do something – anything! – to help you step away from the cookie plate? Here are two holiday-themed workouts from Christmases past – and in a nod to the Healing Experiment, a pretty badass relaxation exercise you can do anytime to help yourself remain centered and feel the joy of the season (or at least keep you from screaming like a crazy... read more

So Awkward. So Awesome.

Last week, I pointed you to the beauty that is The Big Picture. Join me now for something a little more lowbrow: The Most Awkward Family Holiday Photos from Buzzfeed. Here are two of my faves. As the Fug Girls would say, this is a scroll-down fug. And there are no words for this: Hit this link to see them all. You will not be disappointed. And for some sweet, retro Christmas photos, travel back in time... read more

Smupdate! December 23, 2011

This just in… Smudge would like to remind everyone that the secret to a happy Christmas is plenty of... read more

Russian Teacakes

You know how some people in dual-language households speak Spanglish (English + Spanish) – and at this time of year, lots of families celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas because they’re lucky enough to have both under one roof? In our house, our holidays are Traleo: half treats, half Paleo. Particularly on Christmas, I take advantage of my year-long deposits in the good health bank, and make the... read more

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