Merry and Bright

The Big Picture at has some icy, snowy, moon-filled photos of the solstice and the lunar eclipse that capture everything that’s nifty about winter… see?! Frost clings to spiderwebs and the statue of Lord Alfred Tennyson as freezing fog surrounds the tower of Lincoln Cathedral as plummeting temperatures continue to grip the UK on December 20, 2010 in Lincoln, United Kingdom.... read more

I Have A Confession To Make: I Had To Lie Down

In the interests of full disclosure, I must admit the following, which makes me seem not-so nice: There have been times when, after big competitive workout events like Fight Gone Bad or the Spartan 300, I’ve seen various CrossFitters dramatically collapse to the floor, perhaps accommodated by a significant groan or – worse – a loud, look-at-me, triumphant growl. This makes me roll my eyes. And,... read more

Jingle Balls & Reindeer Games

Nothing says ‘holidays’ like a punny workout! Last year, Dave and I brought you a silly chipper: The 12 Days of CrossFit Christmas Workout – and just to show we’re not Scrooge-y, we did it ourselves (in a silly costume, even!) This year, the workout is more functional – just what you need to keep up with Santa’s reindeer or totally take down an elf that’s getting to big... read more

By Request: My Duran Duran Photos

The other day, I told you about my Duran Duran problem. Today, I bring you photos from the momentous day when I met Mr. John Taylor. It was sometime in the early ’90s in San Francisco. Dave and I waited for four hours in the blustery shadows of skyscrapers in downtown SF. I was reading a hard cover of Jaws by Peter Benchley while we waited – a dork to the last. We finally FINALLY FINALLY got... read more

Smupdate! December 17, 2010

Sometimes, when I’m hanging with the corporate overlords, Dave emails me photos of what Smudge is doing. This just in: Smudge wants you all to be sure to make time today to check out The 30 Most Important Cats of 2010. She’s slightly miffed to find that she’s not included on the list, and refused to pose for a photo… Her anger was so extreme, she was forced to take a nap to... read more

The Magic/Myth of Before & After

This video about before/after photos isn’t really surprising – we all know that photos are manipulated for magazine covers, articles, and ads. But it still kinda stopped me in my tracks. I stopped using magazine photos as a yardstick for my success about 12 years ago when I saw a documentary that explained how a photo of Gabrielle Reece was modified for a Shape cover. Gabrielle Reece. She of the... read more

Holiday Gift Idea: Cool Posters For Girls

I’m not a huge fan of over-consumption – of food or other stuff – simply because it’s holiday time. But I’m not a total Scrooge! A carefully selected gift, like a lovingly-baked Russian Teacake, is a delicious indulgence. Since we’re deep in the heart o’ the season, I thought I’d pass along some fun gift ideas over the next few weeks. Merry, merry! Looking for a... read more

‘Scuse Me While I Turn 16

Back in the day, my best friend Renee and I were total Durannies. She loved Simon, and John Taylor (bass, for the uninitiated) was all mine. We watched the documentary Sing Blue Silver almost every day after school, usually with a bowl of buttered popcorn and orange juice over ice, daydreaming about how we would go see them and then, when we snuck backstage, Simon and John would fall madly in love with us... read more

Xmas Treat: Overhead Press

That illustration is just how I felt doing my overhead presses this morning: like the Grinch when his heart “grew three sizes that day.” Two 8-hour nights of sleep + presses = awesome morning. Our workout today was like a little holiday gift Skills5 sets:2 strict presses (up for 1, down for 2)rest 2:00 I pressed 75# once, but couldn’t make the second attempt. That tempo is a bugger! WOD5... read more

Take a Deep Breath

There are just 11 more sleeps until the fat man in the snappy red suit sashays into the house with well-deserved treats. Despite the fact that I’ve been eating mostly clean, I’ve been on a roller coaster of holiday mania and exhaustion. Too much socializing, not enough truly restful down time. I can feel myself getting slightly raggedy around the edges. This is, as they say, “not... read more

Sweet and Salty Broccoli Salad

My mom’s version of this salad was a summer-time staple at picnics and potlucks. Unfortunately, it included shredded cheese and store-bought mayo along with the bacon, raisins, and pecans. We get to keep the bacon, which completely drowns out any disappointment about the cheese, right? Right! Sweet and Salty Broccoli Salad from Well Fed 2 Serves 2-4 | Prep 15 minutes Ingredients: 4 slices sugar-free... read more

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