These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Social Distortion

Also a favorite? Acting like a 17-year-old… which I will be doing for the next four days, minus a 2-hour chunk of time on Friday morning when I have to wear grown-up clothes and do a presentation at a client meeting. Can you even? A client meeting! In the middle of Social Distortion Weekend! But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, listen to this while you read my rant below: So… Social... read more

A Lot Can Happen In 30 Days

I’ve been eating paleo since July 2009, and I’m about 97% compliant which means I pack lunch and snacks every day for work, eat out in restaurants only about once or twice a week, and on rare, indulgent occasions, indulge in a cocktail, chips and salsa, popcorn, or a few bites of a dessert (usually shared with my handsome husband so it’s twice-delicious). As I’ve already... read more

Shut Up & Put Up?

We dino-chow, CrossFit, highly-motivated, big-dreaming, free-thinking types are serious goal setters. Nothing gets us fired up like a goal to complete a Whole30 or to push through every workout dictated by a challenge at our local CrossFit box. And we live to talk about it. Boy, oh boy! do we love to bend our friends’ and families’ ears about our mission: the rules we’ll follow and the... read more

Poison. P-P-P-Poison.

Dave stopped into 7-Eleven last night and found the above. (What forbidden snack was Dave after in that bastion of junk food? I don’t know.) Yes, that’s right. It’s a 2-pound Rice Krispies Treat. And, yes, it’s called a “Treats Sheet.” According to the marketing propaganda, it’s ready-to-serve and “Great for kids’ parties and get-togethers.” It... read more

Crazy-Good Barbecued Pulled Pork

Everywhere I look online lately, I’m tempted and delighted by Thanksgiving recipes – and trust, I will share some of my own with you in the coming days. But Thanksgiving is just one day. One awesome, delicious day… but one day, nonetheless. There are 364 other days this year on which we need to eat. For your consideration: Crazy-Good Barbecued Pulled Pork. This tasty hunk o’ meat will... read more

Coloring Outside The Lines

I just love this blog “Stuff No One Told Me”… adorable illustrations with tasty nuggets of... read more

Thrusters Need Love, Too

In the middle of a casual conversation yesterday, a friend said something that stopped me cold. I was blah-blah-blabbing as usual, amusing myself with witty banter about a celebrity train wreck. “That guy is a dirtbag,” I said. Note that I neither actually know “that guy,” nor do I know anyone who knows that guy. “Is he really a dirtbag?” my friend said. I... read more

Jane Eyre 2011

Y’all know about my deep-rooted Jane Eyre problem. I’m in full-blown Jane euphoria this morning! A new version is afoot. (Afoot!) It was directed by Cary Fukunaga and stars Mia Wasikowska (from Alice in Wonderland) as Jane – with Judie Densch (!) as Mrs. Fairfax. It’s scheduled for release on March 11, 2011. And now – hooray! – a trailer is making the rounds. In an interview,... read more

Take THAT!

Since November 4 and continuing through tomorrow, almost 1000 athletes from 110 countries are thrusting and parrying in Paris for the 2010 World Fencing Championships. The Big Picture has collected images from the first half of the competition – these are two of my favorites, but they’re all worth a viewing. Think you’re a good lunger? Look at this: Ukraine’s Olena Khomrova (left)... read more

The Next Big Trend

So… let me get this straight… vegetables have fallen so far out of fashion with most people that they’re now making a big comeback?! Guess that means all of us dino-chowers are trend-setters. Cabbage. It’s the new... read more

Eeyore, Revisited?

 As my CrossFit Austin buddy Nick said this morning, “Looks like somebody is having a Monday.” Imagine me in a petulant, pouty, frustrated, whiny, wimpy state, and you’ll be close to envisioning me this morning. Nothing was really going right. I forgot to push out with my knees in my set up.I bent my arms too soon.My core was all flippety-floppity.I wasn’t leading with my... read more

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