I Won’t Eat Cake. I Can’t Do Math. Today’s Grade: U for Unsatisfactory

I Won’t Eat Cake.I’m sitting in a conference room with my project team, watching them eat chocolate birthday cake (with chocolate ganache!), and trying to convince myself that in an hour, when I eat cucumber, snap peas, green peppers, black olives, and sardines, I will be glad. harumph! And again I say, harumph! I can’t even have one bite of cake today because I’ve already strayed... read more

10-Minute Pizza Soup

I feel kinda funny calling this a recipe because it’s so dead easy. But I’ve made it three times, and every time, Dave exclaims about how delicious it is. Seems worth sharing. The first time I made it, we’d just returned from Prague, along with the head colds we picked up on the airplane. I really wanted soup, but thought I didn’t have anything in the house to make some. I walked... read more

Beautiful Strength

The XIX Commonwealth Games were held October 3-14 in New Delhi, India, and included teams from the 54 member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. Check out all the photos from the XIX Commonwealth Games at the Big Picture on... read more

Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!

Did I want to get up this morning? Nyet!Did I want to do pullups? Nyet!Did I enjoy having my arms whipped by the jump rope on double-unders? Nyet!Did I do all those things anyway? Da! Our workout this morning included Russian step-ups (hooray!), Russian swings (which I don’t totally love and really, really don’t totally love when performed with a 35-lb. dumbbell because all of the 16kg... read more

Happy Friday

... read more

15 Days – Hanging Tough

A quick update ’cause I’m supposed to be writing for the corporate overlords, not you beautiful people. Last night I went to Polvo’s with my Dave and our dear friend Stefanie. For non-Austinites, Polvo’s is a Tex-Mex joint that is the definition of “South Austin.” Flashing neon sign, hipsters drinking beer and margaritas in the parking lot while waiting for tables,... read more

Why, Hello! Good To See You Again

I was just thinking last night that it’s been a while (many might say “too long”) since I did deadlifts and pullups. Bingo! The CrossFit Austin workout for today had all kinds of stuff I haven’t done in a while: cleans, push press, deadlifts, pullups. I can’t even believe I’m about to type this, but… I missed throwing around the barbell. Skills3. –... read more

The Secret of Veggies: Steam + Saute

During our pre-workout chit-chat this morning, one of my gym buddies said he needs new veggie recipes to help him get the ol’ diet cleaned-up again. This lead to a general commiseration about how we love Paleo/Primal/Dino-Chow/Real Food/Clean Food… but the amount of vegetable chopping that’s required is sometimes overwhelming. Plus, there are tons of delicious recipes out there that... read more

Burpee + Box Jumps = Happiness (And Agony)

Full disclosure: Again this morning, I very seriously considered turning off the alarm and going back to sleep. But here’s the thing: I think I just start slower in the morning now. Back in the day, pre-Frankenneck, I woke up like this: Now I wake up like this: As long as I get my butt out of bed, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the noggin, so I’ve decided that from now on,... read more

Greek Grill-Out

Last week, I saw a gorgeous lamb steak in the butcher case at our fancy-schmance grocery store – and yesterday, I found an article in an old issue of Living magazine with instructions on how to properly grill various vegetables. Hooray! That means we get a Greek Grill-Out for dinner, and you get easy, delicious, dino-chow recipes. Don’t you love when it all works out?! Grilled Lamb... read more

It *Looked* Like Fun

I told Dave it was going to be fun. I didn’t intend for that to be a lie. But you know how it is: sometimes the WODs that look the most fun on paper are the toughest in reality. Or maybe it was just my dumpling backlash. Whatever it was, this morning’s Saturday morning outdoor play time was fun only in that “Man! This hurts, but I know I’ll feel good when it’s over.”... read more

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