I Am Eeyore

And now, a re-enactment of my internal monologue at 6:15 a.m. today:

“Oh, bother. I forgot to take my Synthroid… now I can’t eat breakfast until an hour after my workout. Oh, dear. I hope my sneakers and sweatshirt are still at the gym… I can’t believe I forgot my shoes AND my jacket there yesterday. [sigh] It’s raining. We’re going to have to run in the rain.”

Seriously, you guys. I’ve been such a whiner this week.

I missed the warmup 400m run ’cause I was late, and I was threatened with a burpee punishment, but just now realized we all forgot to have me pay penance. Woot! The run ladder made the warmup fun, but I have to admit: I was really intimidated by the workout. No skill work today – just a kick-your-ass WOD. See?

5 rounds:
5 strict chin-ups, alternating blue & green band
5 burpees
100m run (pose technique, recovery pace)
10 db snatches/arm, 15#
10 db thrusters, 15#
100m run
15 American db swings, 20#
15 squats
100m run
My time: 28:24

I went to a very dark place during Round 3. Round 4 featured thunder and lightning! And by Round 5, the drizzle had turned to a full-on downpour.

“This seems appropriate somehow, ” I said to Matt, as the rain splattered around us. (Or, more accurately, “This [huff] seems [puff] appropriate [gasp] somehow [wheeze].”

“It just got surreal,” he replied.

I might have walked a few steps at the turn-around of a few of the running segments in Rounds 4 and 5, but I forced myself to “be aggressive” on the one-arm snatches and worked hard (really hard) on those thrusters. I give myself an A+ for relentlessness.

When I recovered from the WOD, I did the extra credit: a one-minute side plank on each side.

Then I left a giant sweat angel on the floor.


4 Responses to “I Am Eeyore”

  1. Erika Superguts says:

    Eeyore vs. Giant Sweat Angel 2010…LOVE IT!!! Hard WOD for sure, but you killed it, despite mother nature's sarcasm! NIce.

  2. Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Gutsy Girl! Thanks for commenting. I'm really loving your blog!

  3. Steph H says:

    Its so funny because I use Eeyore as the perfect way to describe someone that is always the downer. We have this one woman who will find the down side to EVERYTHING — And what's great about your eeyore day is you still went ahead and kicked ass — that's what matters really!

    steph h

  4. Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Thanks, Steph! I'm STILL battling an Eeyore vibe, but I'm trying to keep it to myself :-)

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