Good, Clean Fun

Karaoke Apocalypse @ the NomadCocktails consumed: 0Glasses of water consumed: 3Candy consumed: 0Episodes of tambourine+butt shaking: >1000 The members of Karaoke Apocalypse decided to dress as KISS for our Halloween show last night, so my co-hostess Ruby and I took inspiration from the cover of Love Gun to play along. The DeadMotleySexMaidens as KISS. (From the left: Adam Tyner, drums; Chris Nine,... read more

Vampire-Fighting, Paleo Style

I recently re-read the Elizabeth Kostova’s book The Historian. I am freaked out by how much I LOVE THIS BOOK. It’s an old-fashioned, can’t-turn-the-pages-fast-enough swashbuckler told through letters, diary entries, postcards, and reminiscences. It combines history, romance, adventure, and an abiding love of books – and there are secrets among secrets among secrets. Deliciously... read more

Manifold Destiny

I’m going to be perfectly frank: I am not a superfan of the requirements of the post-workout meal. In case you’re unfamiliar, my food mentors, the giant brains behind the Whole30, recommend that within 15-30 minutes of finishing a workout, we should eat some high-density carbs (like sweet potatoes or butternut squash), protein with very little fat (egg whites, chicken breast), and – this is... read more

Zombies! Revisited

Last year, a bunch of my wonderful friends humored me – as they always do and for which I am extremely grateful – and helped me put together a Zombie Attack Preparedness Workout (ZAP). With Halloween just a few days away, it’s not a bad idea to brush up on the skills you need to outlast the undead. Check it out: The Zombie Attack Preparedness... read more

Smupdate! October 28, 2010

Sometimes, when I’m hanging with the corporate overlords, Dave emails me photos of what Smudge is doing. This just in: Smudge is reveling in the contentment of being... read more

I Want You To Read This

Justine Stoneman is justifiably angry and indignant over at the Huffington Post today. In his piece “America: A Big, Fat, Stupid Nation,” he shines the spotlight on the big corporate dollars behind our mistaken beliefs about nutrition. Some juicy quotes: Latest figures confirm the ridiculous: three out of four of you will be ‘overweight or obese’ by 2020. To gauge perspective: there... read more

Cheating At Solitaire

This whole eating thing can be really hard. It shouldn’t be. I get hungry. I eat clean food. End of story. Except pesky things like emotions – and the bratty need to act out against rules – intervene and soon, I’m talking myself out of a face-first fall into a bowl of miniature Halloween-wrapped Snickers bars (potentially while wearing a silly costume) – or I’m talking myself... read more

Paleo Czech Meatballs

I really wanted a cute name for these meatballs. I tried for, like, 10 minutes to come up with a workable play on caraway seeds. Get Carried-Away Seed Meatballs? I’m Caraway’d Meatballs? Caraway’d Away Balls? Dave grimaced. His contribution: “Czech Out My Balls?” And that is how we settled on the not-very-creative, but accurately-descriptive and patently-inoffensive... read more

Timing is Everything

I’m enjoying a perfect storm of nutritional grownupitude. I recently finished Robb Wolf’s hilarious and ridiculously informative The Paleo Solution, and today, Moxy-Boss and Dallas launched a new Whole30 clean-up. (Version 3.0, y’all! They’ve got the same awesome support system with lots of new info… plus a new program guide with tons of helpful detail that you can purchase... read more

I Am Eeyore

And now, a re-enactment of my internal monologue at 6:15 a.m. today: “Oh, bother. I forgot to take my Synthroid… now I can’t eat breakfast until an hour after my workout. Oh, dear. I hope my sneakers and sweatshirt are still at the gym… I can’t believe I forgot my shoes AND my jacket there yesterday. [sigh] It’s raining. We’re going to have to run in the... read more

Take That, Sugar Poison!

Big thanks to my pal Mel G. for sending me this awesome... read more

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