Wow. Neat. Ring Dips and Pullups. Again. [sigh]

Remember on Friday when I said I was totally over doing “negative” pullups and dips? Guess what was in our workout today… pullups and dips. I rejoiced. (Not. at. all.)

But, as usual, once I started moving, I found that, miraculously, my heart was in it. Two thumbs up on starting Monday with a workout that kicked my butt pretty hard.

400m run
high knees + butt kicks + lunges + punter kicks
PVC overhead squats: wide grip, narrow grip, narrow feet

3 rounds:
10 pullups, 1-in. band – rest :30
:45 hollow rocks – rest 3:00

8 ring dips – jump up, lower slowly (I’m getting better at these!)
5R, 5L db hang power snatches, 20# dbs
1 hill sprint
rest 1:00
My time: 9:28

15 R, 15L stationary lunge w/ 15# dbs
50 double-unders
15 R, 15L stationary lunge w/ 15# dbs

Why I Liked My Workout Today, Even Though It Included Pullups and Dips… Again [sigh]
1. We did 30 pullups during our skills session… 30 pullups that I would NOT have done on my own. Win!

2. Even though I have smudgy bruises on my left arm from the ring straps – and even though I’m dead tired of the idea of doing jumping/negative ring dips – they were kinda fun today because I’m getting better at them. And again, I did 24 that I would never have done on my own.

3. Double-unders! I did 50 again today. Single jumps in between. My longest set in a row was 10; my shortest was 2 when I started to get tired.

4. We had a big group today, including two guys who just “graduated” from Elements. Lots of good energy and support.

5. Hollow rocks! I’d never done them before. Any day with a new movement is a win. So… win! (Also, if you put the emphasis in the right place, it’s all, like, “Dude! Hollow totally ROCKS!


3 Responses to “Wow. Neat. Ring Dips and Pullups. Again. [sigh]”

  1. Alaina says:

    Hey Mel – way to go on the pull-ups and dips! For the last year and a half, I have had to do all my double-unders with one jump in between…I have admit, I pretty much hated doing them. Recently I got a rope for my birthday and again, only could do one at a time. After watching all the girls kickin' ass at double-unders at the Games I got a brilliant idea and I shortened it about 3 inches or more on each side and was able to string multiples together. Seriously, this was YESTERDAY…I strung 15 together! Try a shorter rope and see what happens. I haven't read your previous posts about double-unders, so if you already can do a bunch in a row, just disregard, but if your frusterated a little like I have been, maybe it will help.

  2. Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Hi, Alaina!

    Thanks for the tip on shortening the rope. I'll try that! I'm pretty happy right now because I *just* got a bunch of DUs in a row last week. My next step is definitely taking out the single hop in between — but I'm celebrating my recent victory for a few more days.

    15 in a row is awesome. Good for you!

  3. Alaina says:

    I hear ya – definately time to celebrate! Sounds like your new box is really great – best of luck!

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