How Alarming

It’s official: I must get a new alarm clock. Today. I’m not sure that a new alarm clock will solve the operator issues (ahem), but I need one that will not allow me to confuse a.m. with p.m. and reliably rings when it’s supposed to if set properly (To be fair, I don’t always set the alarm properly, hence the aforementioned “operator error.”) Yesterday morning, I was... read more

Knees-to-Elbows: Finally Getting the Hang of It

Before today, I was not a fan of the knees-to-elbows. To be fair, we hadn’t spent much time together, and I’m generally wary of people and things that I don’t know too well. This morning, I did a few things for the first time – including opening my heart to knees-to-elbows – and as a reward, my workout butted right up against being awesome. So… what was different? 1. I jumped... read more

Italian Sausage and Eggplant Strata

It’s said that good things come to those who wait, and this dish may test your patience. Constructed with layers of tender eggplant, spicy homemade sausage, and silky tomato sauce, this casserole tastes best eaten a few days after baking. But the delayed gratification is worthwhile. A bite of the top layer, so tender and airy, is followed by a pleasant kick of heat that’s soon tempered by the creamy... read more

What’s In Season In Your ‘Hood?

Thanks to my Farmhouse Delivery baskets, I feel a much stronger connection to the seasons through fruits and vegetables: Ooooo! The peaches are so good right now! and It’s okra season again! Better start experimenting! and Hooray! Green beans! Epicurious offers a totally handy interactive map that shows what’s in season each month of the year in every state in the U.S…. … and... read more

A PMS-Powered PR?!

Oh! Being a girl is so… interesting. Seriously. Trying to understand my brain and my body is like a daily science experiment. Especially when it’s hormone poisoning time. [photo] Sometimes, hormone poisoning comes on like a firestorm. Doors are slammed. Harsh words are spoken. Nasty thoughts are considered. And all the while – as plates make aggressive contact with countertops and... read more


Thanks,... read more

Riceless, Soy-Free Sushi… Domo Arigato!

There are plenty of reasons for me to stay away from sushi: 1. Dave is allergic to fish. Yes, I know that most Japanese joints also serve other food, but asking someone with a fish allergy to go to a sushi restaurant is like expecting a vegetarian to dine at the Salt Lick BBQ because the menu includes cole slaw and vegetarian pinto beans. It’s just not cool. 2. Soy sauce is a big no-no. Besides all... read more

Melicious and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Workout

When we have a grouchy day at our house, we often turn to a favorite book from my childhood to celebrate the awfulness of the day: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. If you’ve never had the pleasure, you need to get yourself a copy as soon as possible. It tells the story of Alexander and, well… the worst day ever. He’s blamed for crap he didn’t do, his... read more

2:19 of Pure Inspiration

I decided this morning that due to soreness, tiredness, PMS, and a desire to la-la-la in bed with a book that tomorrow would be an excellent opportunity to take a rest day. Then I saw this. Now I’m torn. Box jumps, kettlebell swings, and double-unders? Or Dick Francis, A/C, and Smudge? Thanks,... read more


Things for which I’m grateful today, in no particular order: 1. the Scotch Egg, eggplant casserole, and summer squash I’m eating right now 2. that no one seems to mind that I’m sitting at my desk, eating like an animal 3. the text messages I got from my mom and dad in the last 24 hours 4. that when I got home from my workout this morning, my beautiful husband and my ridiculously cute cat... read more

Bash! Clonk! Great Job!

I slept great last night, despite the occasional wake up – streeeeeetch – roll over – sigh with contentment sequence. I’m not sore, exactly, but I’m definitely 100% aware that I’ve worked out hard twice this week. I love that. Hat’s off to the 24kg kettlebell for yesterday’s remarkable impersonation of a meat tenderizer and for re-introducing me to every... read more

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