WOD: Weed & Weep

Grief is a selfish and fickle companion. This is my first experience with real grief, and the emotions are shocking in their intensity, distressing in their unpredictability. What seems like a brilliant idea can turn into an impossibility overnight. (For example, a spontaneous roadtrip to Houston to see Jane Eyre… This morning, I just didn’t have the fortitude to make the trip and sit through... read more

Change Your Life in 30 Days

If you’ve been thinking about ‘going paleo’ or eat ‘pretty well most of the time’ and are ready to really lock-down your nutrition, Whole9 is giving you a hand. My pals Melissa and Dallas are once again sponsoring a 30-day nutritional program designed to help readers learn how to eat. For real. Forever. If you’re ready, check it out. I will not be partaking in the... read more

Made of Meat

There’s a super cool butcher chart t-shirt up for voting at Threadless right now. If you like it – which, of course, you do – go vote for it now! You can go vote... read more

It’s Two, Two, Two Blogs In One

I was going to write something thoughtful and sensitive and Meaningful after reading Erika’s blog post today. I went to the kitchen to get some water to think about it and when I got back to my desk, I was distracted by something (Oh, look! it’s really, really cloudy outside.”) and meandered over to Go Fug Yourself and immediately forgot about being thoughtful because I was so wildly... read more

Jane Eyre: The Musical

In 2000, my mom and I saw Jane Eyre: The Musical on Broadway. Our seats were in the front row, just behind the orchestra pit. If I looked down, I could see the musicians working, just below my feet. When I looked up at the stage, the actors were righthere. Exhilarating! The lyrics for the songs pick up turns of phrase from the novel so I literally watched the book come to life, and the orchestrations are... read more

Books Make a Difference

The right book at the right time can change your life. [insert obligatory reference to Jane Eyre here] That’s why I was so glad to find out about Books Make a Difference. BlogHer and BookRenter are donating 1000 books to kids in need, and all we have to do to help is post a comment on this blog. It’s easy. You post. They donate. A kid... read more

Thyroid Disease… What a Bitch!

The New York Times has a nice piece today on the various types of thyroid disease. It’s collection of audio clips from people with Graves disease, Hashimoto’s, and the vanilla versions of hypo- and hyperthyroidism. All of the patients do a great job of describing their experiences and how they dealt with them. Dana Smith, in particular, does an excellent job of recounting the faux depression of... read more

Again Faster, Again With the Awesome

Y’all know of my abiding affection for... read more

But You’re, Like, Really Funny

I’ve given up most of my celebrity gossip garbage. My Internet bookmarks and RSS feed have been cleansed, and I don’t buy celeb mags in the checkout line anymore (although I do choose the longest check-out line so I can speed-read the “who wore it best” and “out & about” pages… love those photos!) I have kept a few indulgences: Go Fug Yourself and But... read more

Blake’s Beautiful Chard

So… there’s “organic,” and then there’s Produce Grown by a Dear Friend in her Very Own Garden and Delivered as a Gift. Take a gander at this gorgeous chard Blake gave me… from the garden she built with her own two little hands… and then nurtured to produce this bounty. Look at those orange, yellow, and pink stalks! I unmercifully chopped it up and sauteed it in... read more

My Melicious Workout

A few months ago, Bonita invited the members of her workout tribe to submit namesake workouts and today we took on the workout I created from things I like to do. As usual, the resulting workout was harder than I intended when I daydreamed it into existence. This workout is proof that I actually have no idea how far 50m is. Eyeballing the track, we realized the bear crawl should actually be 25m instead.... read more

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