These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Buddy’s Natural Chicken Sausage

We eat a lot of protein in our house. A LOT of protein. And as much as I love to play in the kitchen, sometimes we just need to eat. In those emergency situations – e.g., breakfast was four hours ago and we just got home from a movie theater where we tried to ignore the smell of popcorn for two hours – there has to be minimal time and effort between “hungry” and... read more

Paleo Kitchen: Taste the Rainbow

This is the third in a series of posts about how I run my dino-chow kitchen to keep Dave and I fed without making me (too) crazy. For me, the key to making dino-chow work is lots of planning and eating the same food combos a lot. But every once in a while, I feel rebellious. I want to taste something new or something I haven’t eaten in a while. That’s when it’s important to either find... read more

Everything in a Hot Pocket

Designer Justin Perricone created a lovely poster of the Frankenfood ingredients found inside a ham-and-cheese Hot Pocket. On the outside, the Hot Pocket looks like this. (And may I say, “Ew!“?!) On the inside, thanks to Justin, we know it looks like... read more

Put On Weight – Go For The Gold

American ice dancer Tanight Belbin has added 10 pounds of muscle and curves to her frame since the 2006 Olympics in Turino, Italy – and she’s pretty happy about that. I am, too! From The New York Times: The American ice dancer Tanith Belbin looks at photographs of herself from the 2006 Turin Olympics and wants to hide her eyes. Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto en route to winning the silver medal... read more

When In Wichita…

Think it’s too hard to maintain your CrossFit lifestyle and eat healthily while traveling?! Think again. Erin Ammon – you remember Erin… when she was the focus of a profile here on my blog, I described her as “audacious and bold and silly and smart and that person you’re glad to know because she’s so brazen in her laughter and willingness to try new adventures.” Yeah,... read more

The Tough Guy Challenge – And There Are Only 72 Days Til The Warrior Dash

The 24th annual Tough Guy Challenge was held on January 31 in Wolverhampton, England. It’s advertised as “the safest most dangerous taste of physical and mental endurance pain in the world.” The 5,000 men and women who entered were required to sign waivers that said, “It’s my own bloody fault for being here.” I’ve put a few of my favorite photos below – see all... read more

You Really Gotta Meet… Lyssa (AGAIN!)

Back in May, I did a profile of Lyssa, an Austin-based CrossFitter and freelance writer and fashion maven and general, all-around badass. Since then, she won CrossFit Central’s Fight Gone Bad competition, learned she has an extra-long femur, and launched a few more blogs. No, she doesn’t sit much. For fashion advice and the inside scoop on where you should be in Austin, visit her blog this is... read more

Feasting on Fitness: The Fat Rant

“Feasting on Fitness has a really great post today about the benefits of eating fat – and the Frankenfood found in salad dressing bottles at the grocery store. It’s a long read, but well worth it. And your reward at the end is a yummy-looking recipe for Nut Crunch. Go read “Fatphobia” at Feasting on Fitness. Here’s a tasty tidbit to whet your appetite: … the food... read more

I’ll Take a Hamburger With a Cookie On Top

This post has nothing to do with training or clean eating. In fact, it romanticizes cookies. You will survive. Take a look at this post that explains what happens when a kid staying home sick from school finds inspiration in a Seussian cookbook. One Sick Day + Dr. Seuss = Weird and Amazing Whenever either of my kids shows interest in cooking anything–no matter how weird, how obscure, however ill-timed,... read more

How They Train has a series of videos that demonstrate just how hard Olympic athletes train in preparation for their sports. I’ve chosen two of my favorites below: Noelle Pikus-Pace because I am a scaredy-cat of going fast and she’s not… and Apolo Ohno because at speed skating classes during my Roller Derby days, the goal was always to get low and tilt. Some of Noelle’s warmup drills... read more

A Girl Can Dream

One of my best running experiences to date – maybe even The Best – was the Lost in the Lost Pines trail run in October 2008. I loved bounding up hills and scrabbling over rocks, completely unconcerned with the time on the clock. It was just about having fun playing in the woods, and it felt like a celebration of our new-found love of running. All good things seemed possible. Hell, I even did a... read more

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