As RX’d

I can’t always do the CrossFit Women workouts as RX’d, but if the prescribed weights are within the realm of possibility, I try. And I banished my stop-watch ego on met-cons a long time ago. My goal with our workouts is to use the heaviest weight I can – and full range of motion with good form – while working with as much intensity as I can muster. Sometimes that means I finish last…... read more

"More Calorie Counting Nonsense," Via Fat Head

Nice rant from Fat Head about counting calories. read more

Workout Envy

Illustration from Steve Mack’s Spot Illustration Do you ever read other CrossFitters’ accounts of their workouts and feel the itch to try a particular WOD yourself? That’s how I felt this week, reading about Erika’s and Barbara’s exploits. This workout got a hold of my imagination, and I really, really needed to try it: Saturday WOD:100m walking lunges50 situps100m walking... read more

Sometimes I Get Dropsy

It’s often obvious when hormone-poisoning is about to strike. I start bashing my elbows into the TV stand and walking into doorways. (True story: I’ve walked into the door frame. With my face. More than once.) I also start dropping things like they’ve been greased up with coconut oil. Knives, books, plates, my toothbrush, the rubberband I’m trying to wrap around my braid… they... read more

Weight Around the World

Who’s Trying to Lose Weight: In half of the countries surveyed, most people have tried to lose weight at least once. Around the world, women are significantly more likely than men to have tried to reduce. For more, visit Global Poll: A Look at Weight Around the... read more

Smupdate! January 14, 2010

Sometimes, when I’m hanging with the corporate overlords, Dave emails me photos of what Smudge is doing. This just... read more

Self-Worth and Exercise

Weightless hits it out of the park again today with the question “Does how you look make you feel unworthy of love, satisfying relationships, a good job or true happiness?” When your self-worth is dependent mostly or solely on your shape, it can be stressful and upsetting. It can bring on a variety of negative emotions and affect other parts of your life. Margarita offers seven steps for... read more

Paleo Kitchen: The Method Behind My Madness

This is the second in a series of posts about how I run my dino-chow kitchen to keep Dave and I fed without making me (too) crazy. You know how when you’re daydreaming about packing a little travel case and hopping on the Concorde to Paris (because in your daydream the Concorde still exists and you can get to Paris in three and a half hours), you think about how if you take black boots and a black... read more

More on Consistent Sleep

Just read an article from LiveScience that says, basically, if you think you can cheat yourself out of sleep during the week, then make up for it by sleeping a lot on the weekends, you’re mistaken. I’m sorry! I don’t make the rules, I just pass along what I pick up. Read the whole article to get the scoop on their experiment – and here’s the bottom line: A new study finds that... read more

Celebrity Workout Videos

Mental Floss has a wildly entertaining post about Celebrity Workout Videos. I can’t mock. I have a vast collection of videos and DVDs that actually got me moving, back in the day when I’d NEVER excercised before. And yes, I might even own the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease DVD. So what? I wish someone had posted clips from Angela Lansbury’s Positive Moves video. I love Angela Lansbury.... read more

Monsanto Corn Linked to Organ Damage

From The first-ever public study of the health effects of genetically modified corn shows that three patented crops developed and owned by agriculture giant Monsanto cause liver, kidney and heart damage in mammals. The FDA has approved all three varieties for sale and consumption in the U.S. and all three are in our food supply right now. More shocking, the raw data used in the study was from... read more

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