I Guess I Do Have One Resolution After All

Long-time readers know that in 2008, I invented the word “frexciting” to describe all the new stuff I was doing. frexcite: to rouse to an emotional response stimulated by simultaneous fright and excitement Last year, I got away from enjoying frexcitement and experienced a lot of “growth opportunities,” which, while valuable, were way WAY less fun. In 2011, I resolve to throw myself... read more

A New Year’s Toast To You

Dear friends, 2010 was not a very good year. Yes, there were some triumphs both small and large – but there was also a great deal of sorrow and (ahem) growth opportunities. My favorite quote of the year? “Learning is fun,” said with both tears and laughter. I’m going to remember the lessons, rather than the rocky road, of 2010… and I’m ready to break out the 2011 calendar... read more

2011 Around The World

It’s already 2011 on the eastern part of the globe, so Happy New Year Australia and Asia! Fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House to celebrate the New Year. (REUTERS/Tim Wimborne) The Big Picture has photos of New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world and will be updating the page throughout the day with new pics, as the globe turns and we all move... read more

Whole30, Whole70, Whole New Year

I know it’s totally made up, but I la-la-love the feeling of ‘fresh start’ on New Year’s Day… a new calendar and 12 months laid out before us on the ground like the yellow brick road. What lies ahead? Adventure! Predicaments! Triumphs! Friendships! If you’re thinking about making some lifestyle changes, now is a great time  to do it – there are lots of resources... read more

Acceptance, Not Resignation

Stephanie at Radical Hateloss has a great post today about acceptance vs. resignation… People often worry that by accepting their bodies or themselves that they will lose the motivation to become more healthy. They confuse acceptance with resignation… Resignation is saying NO I don’t like my body; NO I can’t change my behaviors its too hard, NO! NO! NO…why bother? Acceptance is saying... read more

Dino-Chow New Year’s Eve Nibbles

What’s the difference between everyday dino-chow and special occasion dino-chow? The size, shape, and presentation of your food. Make your favorite foods in a tiny, individual serving or roll ’em into a ball or impale ’em on a stick or cut ’em into a fun shape, and suddenly, it’s a party! I’ve had this little hors d’oeuvre cookbook for ages, and flipping through... read more

On Not Underestimating Oneself

I simultaneously had a great workout and a lame workout this morning. I sort of underestimated myself and cheated myself, albeit unintentionally. But like a cast-iron skillet to the back of the head, it caught my attention and makes me wonder: how often am I doing that? And how can I make sure I don’t do it again? So let me tell you all about it… This was our workout today. WOD7 rounds::20... read more

Paleo Comfort Food: Shepherd’s Pie

What could be more comforting on a cold winter evening than ground beef and gravy topped with mashed potatoes? I’ll tell you what: flavorful ground beef topped with creamy mashed cauliflower! Cottage pie is a traditionally British or Irish dish made from beef, and it’s a kissin’ cousin to shepherd’s pie, which is made with lamb. The term ‘cottage pie’ has been around... read more

The Best Versions of Us

I’ve had a weight loss goal since I was 13 years old. That’s almost 30 years of living with a number hanging over my head. From Weight Watchers summer camp to the rice diet to Kathy Smith’s Fat Burning Plan to Weight Watchers to the Zone to Paleo… with aerobics videos and step aerobics and triathlons and boxing and Roller Derby and half marathons and CrossFit along the way. My... read more

Happy Holidays

Two Internet gifts for you, because I love you, and I’m ever so grateful you stop by to visit with me every day. Have the happiest of holidays! See you back here this weekend, probably with tales of cookie and Prosecco overload, plus the the scoop on my kickass plans for January and February. But now: presents! First, cute animals… And second, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house in... read more

The Sugar Alarm

Welcome to The Clothes Make The Girl, where I screw up, so you don’t have to… It’s 4:00 a.m., and I’m wide awake. I should be nestled, snug in my bed, while visions of sugarplums dance in my head. Instead, I’m twitching and fretting and clearly, not getting the sleep I need to tackle our CrossFit Austin workout in two hours. Why? Because I ate sugar. Like, a LOT of... read more

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