How great is this photo from CrossFit Central?! Totally.... read more

And A Deadhang Pullup, No Band

Dave and I did The 12 Days of CrossFit Christmas workout this morning. A few observations: 1. Silly headgear and socks make any workout more fun. 2. Burpee box jumps are awesome. 3. Handstand pushups are not. 4. Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Christmas Rocks is a fine soundtrack for a holiday WOD. 5. I wish Santa could bring me a kipping pullup or, at the very least, new workout pants because these are... read more

Holiday Dino-Chow: Spiced Nuts

Now that nuts are part of my everyday diet, I wondered if I would be less excited about my spiced nuts this year. Lower the DefCon level – I’m still excited! I have an entire cookbook devoted to various candied, spiced, roasted, and flavored nuts – but this recipe from Williams-Sonoma Gifts from the Kitchen is the best. We’ve stopped playing amateur hour with the others. If you make these,... read more

Friday Fun – December 18, 209

I know you already know, but check out these 10 reasons to give you grains. (Note: I ate half a slice of fruitcake and a 1/3 cup of chicken fried rice at our work party today. Sue me.) So that‘s how he manages to deliver presents to the whole world in one night! Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing grosser than a Chicken McNugget. I love the creativity of these wacky Menorahs. Mmmmm… marrow.... read more

Our Last Bootcamp With Crystal

This morning, the fabulous Crystal McReynolds passed the torch of coaching the Deep Eddy Bootcamp to Coach Andy, so a bunch of us ol’ Bootcampers returned to our cold (41 degrees) stomping grounds for one last workout together in the dark of 6:30 a.m. It was a core-killing day! WOD #1AMRAP, 10 minutes 25 med ball situps, 6# ball, facing uphill 50 bicycles 25 med ball slams 50 mountain climbers I... read more

Beef Stew Provençal

Here in Austin, the weather is not very holiday-ish. It’s cold and raining and so gray as to be what I like to call gloomyGus. (That’s how I see it in my head. One word; intercap.) The bone-chilling damp makes me wish that I would walk in the house and find a warm fire with a bowl of steaming stew on a small table next to a squishy chair… like when poor Jane Eyre finally arrives at... read more

Shameless Plug/Last-Minute Gift: My Book

I don’t talk about Roller Derby and my book here much. The Roller Derby chapters of my life were incredible: fun, exciting, a little bit scary, a lot rock ‘n’ roll. I was a different person then, and without the confidence I gained in Roller Derby, I don’t think I would have been brave enough to go to my first CrossFit Central Bootcamp. Once upon a time, I was in Penthouse. From... read more

Fructose is the Work of Satan

I’m reprinting this article from the Times Online in its entirety because it’s important/freaking me out, and I’m seriously considering asking my mom to sweet talk my niece and nephew out of drinking soda… “How ’bout some nice water, kids!” Also, rhetorical question: Why did this research not make headlines in the U.S. press? Is it because of this? (Yes, my cold... read more

12 Days of CrossFit Christmas

Last week, I spent an entire day listening to Christmas music at work. I’m officially in the spirit! I lean more toward Brian Setzer Orchestra or the wackadoodle covers of WHAM’s “Last Christmas” than traditional carols, but I’ve always found “The Twelve Days of Christmas” hard to resist: Lords a-leaping! Ladies dancing! Maids a-milking (sounds naughty)! And those... read more

Friday Fun

Pasta’s out, but with these sauces, spaghetti squash and browned ground beef (or bison!) will never be lonely. I don’t know about you, but a bagel as big as my head doesn’t hold much appeal anymore. Nothing says “weekend” like med ball cleans, burpees, and Russian twists. This looks like a good one to do on your own, no? This just makes me want to watch A Christmas Story... read more

Dino-Chow Anywhere

Now that I’ve committed with my whole heart and mind to dino-chow – as opposed to using phrases that begin, “I’m trying not to eat X.” – I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to find appropriate food… if I really try to and if I worry less about the flavors I want to enjoy at that exact moment and more about eating food that won’t damage me. An... read more

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