I didn’t workout yesterday, so today was supposed to be back squats or deadlifts, Dave’s pick. But on Lyssa’s recommendation, I read this new blog by Coach Burgener’s daughter Sage and got all kinds of fired up about overhead squats.

Merry Christmas to me! Overhead squats it is!

I love ’em. They don’t scare me like back squats, and they don’t make me wicked uncomfortable like front squats. They’re Hard and Awesome. I PR’d on my 5-rep max today at 75#. I have no idea if that’s objectively “good” or not, but I like it. It was Hard. It felt Good. And it made me realize that I make crazy eyes when I lift heavy weights. Definitely not a photo opp.

Our workout, a.k.a., the Core Buster

10 air squats + 5 downward dog
10 air squats + 10 globe squats w/ 20# DB
10 air squats  + 5 pry squats
(See Fixing the Squat)

5X5 overhead squats: 55 – 55 – 65 – 75- 75

Mini Met-con
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sprawls
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 walking lunges

4 X :15 tuck hold on dip bars

5 Responses to “OHS. OMG!”

  1. MelissaG says:

    Awesome work Mel! I LOVE OHS too, they're my fav after deadlifts.

  2. erikajeanne says:

    erm. 75#? !!!!

  3. Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Is 75 a lot?

  4. Barbara says:

    OHS stand for "Oh..Sh#t" in my head but I'm learning to do them better.

    75# is pretty dang heavy and I'm sure your bum will feel it tomorrow!


  5. Stephanie Vincent says:

    my OHS is 80# x3 :-) I love lifting in general…my favs lately tho are the snatch and split jerk

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