Happy Birthday, Half Thyroid!

It was exactly a year ago today that I had the surgery on my thyroid to remove a nodule that could have been cancer. Now that I’ve got a year between me and the Frankenneck, I can tell you: during those few weeks last November I was more scared for myself than I’d ever been. About 10% of the adult population has thyroid nodules, a lump that grows on an otherwise normal thyroid. My thyroid... read more

The Sleep of the Righteous, Part 2

[photo] Update 1/4/2013: I adjusted some details to better reflect my even-more evolved sleeping habits. Yesterday I shared some of my tips and tricks to help you join the “nine is the new eight” snooze club. Today, I’m going to tell you what I do when I wake up in the middle of the night – from a dream, to pee, or just because – and need to get back to sleep. Make up a story. One of... read more

But First, Silliness

I have important stuff to talk to you about… tricks for getting back to sleep, my workout this morning, the amazing things Melissa Urban is up to… and all of that is coming. Sometime. But for now, may I recommend you indulge in a little silliness, courtesy of Sharon Stone and the Fug Girls. You can thank me... read more

The Sleep of the Righteous, Part 1

[photo] Update 1/4/2013: Adjusted some details to better reflect my even-more evolved sleeping habits. Update 4/6/11: I updated some stuff today because life happens, things change, knowledge is shared, and habits get better. Enjoy! I’m becoming an 8-year-old. I can’t eat sugar. I need a snack every three hours. And my “lights out” time is 9:45 p.m. Not exactly a rock & roll... read more

The Barbell is Talking About Me

CrossFit Watertown had a really nice blog post yesterday called, “The Bar Tells the Truth.” I recommend you read the whole thing, but here’s my favorite nugget: The bar doesn’t lie. You either pull it or you don’t. The bar tells the truth. And, here’s the really funny thing: It tells the truth when you walk away too. How you leave a failed lift tells more about you than you might... read more

Roasted Vegetables: Perfect for a Lazy Sunday

Not this “Lazy Sunday”… The kind of lazy Sunday during which you want nothing more than to wear squishy clothes and curl up with a book that takes you on adventures and into dangerous situations which, of course, you overcome with charm, grace, and plenty of roundhouse kicks. That kind of Sunday requires cooking that gets you ready for the week without forcing you to monitor the stove... read more

Karaoke Apocalypse – TOMORROW @ The Highball

All CrossFit (and veggies and sleep) could make me a dull girl… that’s why there’s Karaoke Apoclaypse. My ridiculously fun, talented, rock-n-roll bandmates insure that along with all the healthy stuff, I remember to wear something skimpy and rock it out once in a while. Why should you come to the Karaoke Apocalypse show? Live. band. karaoke. Punk rock, metal, and new wave from the... read more

A Workout of Things That I Love

A few months ago, I wrote about a Workout of Things That I Hate™. It would be more accurate, I guess, to say they’re things I “love-hate,” but still… thrusters, butt-killing situps, and pullups… not my favorites. Today was much better! CrossFit Central is creating workouts named for CFC clients this month, and today was my day. Like a 4-year-old, I love anything with my... read more

A Veterans Day Message

Today, I direct your attention to Catherine’s post about Veterans Day. Its sentiments are beautiful, and it’s beautifully-written. Thank you, Veterans. There aren’t words strong enough to express the appropriate level of gratitude, so we say, as earnestly as possible… Happy Veterans... read more

New Body Image Blog: Weightless

We CrossFitters spend a lot of time and energy addressing issues of body image. Erika wrote about the terrifying phantom fat roll and her delight at recognizing that her arm is unrecognizable as her arm… Erin expressed her joy at being back at CrossFit because it’s a key part of her identity. In her Empowered story, Catherine Hart said, “Since joining CrossFit Central, I haven’t... read more

That’s Fit Success Stories: Catherine Walker Hart

I’m a contributor to AOL’s fitness blog That’s Fit… my goal when I write “over there” is to bring the CrossFit, be a fire breather, eat like a cave person philosophy to the That’s Fit readers… shake ‘em up a little bit and get them lifting, jumping, sleeping, and chowing down properly. I was recently assigned a featured column: That’s Fit Success... read more

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