Turkey Tales and Bacon Bourbon Brownies

Dave and I had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with delicious food, naps, getting to know the kitty that recently adopted us, and spiffing up our house with a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t want to sully your image of me by reading about my food-related debauchery, you might want to just look at our smiling faces, the new kitty Smudge, and move on.If you’re still here, hold on tight and join me... read more

Remember This Moment

I have been known to devour craptastic rags like People, Life & Style, and Us Weekly with the same voraciousness with which I snarf my post-workout sweet potatoes and eggs. But this morning, I experienced the Moment That I Stopped Reading Us Weekly™ when I saw this poll:Why am I reading this? We’re fighting two wars, have the worst economy since the Depression, and live in a country where both... read more

A Very Un-Paleo Thanksgiving

One day, stuck in traffic, I became obsessed with knowing what percentage of the time I follow my dino-chow diet. I’m seriously math-impaired, but Dave was there to help, and we came to the conclusion that I follow my plan about 97% of the time. Since July, I’ve had two 4-week periods when I went completely no-cheat, and when I’m not doing that, I generally eat, like, one corn tortilla on... read more

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey and Voting!

The headline reads “Delay Thanksgiving Dinners to See Suffragette” and in 1909, that’s what a slew of women in Chicago did. They made the turkey and family wait while they went to see Emiline Pankhurst, the “world-famed leader of the English suffragettes.” These sketches represent Chicago Suffragettes who were all set to meet “Mrs. Pankhurst” )as she was referenced... read more

The Sniffle Hit Parade Continues

I am feeling resentful! I thought my dino-chow and 9-hours-a-night sleep habit were going to ensure I didn’t get sick this year. Harumph! My head has been filled with goo for a week now, and this morning, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed for CrossFit Women because I just couldn’t bear to not workout again. I had a really hard time falling asleep last night – I’m just not appropriately... read more

Holiday Meal Family Tension

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday, and generally speaking, our family dinners were loving and fun. Everyone in my family loves to cook, so most of the day was spent in happy chaos, chopping, stirring, taste-testing, and eating eating eating. Together, we perfected a fried sweet potato wonton recipe (with spicy peanut sauce for dipping)… my mom makes the most decadent, creamy,... read more

Eat Your Vegetables: Butternut Squash

The bad news for me: Today is day six (6!!!) of forced rest days, thanks to the congestion in my head and the razorblades in my throat. Also, it’s Part II of “Mel makes the rounds of all her doctors to make sure everything is working properly now that she’s over 40 and only has half a thyroid”… which means full exam and blood work at my GP and later, for fun, a mammogram. The... read more

This is Why I CrossFit and Eat Dino-Chow

Or, more accurately, one of the reasons I CrossFit and eat dino-chow. There’s not much as fun as Karaoke Apocalypse. Or being on stage. Or dancing around like an idiot. And the song “Tom Sawyer” takes me straight back to my 14-year-old roller skating days at the Roller Roost II in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Note: There’s a reason for the ponytails and bandanna. It was Friday the... read more

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Coconut Oil

I am sometimes a knucklehead. All over the dino-chow-sphere, my fellow foodies have included coconut oil in their recipes. For no particular reason except the aforementioned knuckleheadedness, I’ve usually replaced coconut oil with olive oil in my recipes. A week or so ago, Moxy-Boss recommended I try it, just to change things up a bit and to add more saturated fat to my diet. I bought this: My life... read more

Emergency Cucumber Salad

The situation: I need a veggie-based snack. I’m not in the mood for a lot of chopping. It might be a particular time of the month, and I want something that tastes and feels like comfort food. I might also really, really, REALLY be craving salty snacks (like, if I was still the old me, I’d be snarfing a giant bowl of buttered, salted popcorn RIGHT. NOW.). The solution: + + What I did: I... read more

That’s Fit: Burpees – The Perfect Exercise?

That’s Fit is a fitness and nutrition blog in the AOL network, and one of my blog posts about burpees – with a totally kickass video from Again Faster – is now live. Burpees: The Perfect Exercise? Y’all know I totally love burpees. What about... read more

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