Results Not Typical

While I deal with corporate overlord silliness, take a look at this story on That’s Fit about the new guidelines regarding truth in weight loss advertising. Results Not Typical read more

Stay On Your Grizzly

This public service announcement brought to you by Erika and me… hold your own, know your name, go your own way, and stay on your... read more

Feelin’ Randy

I’m a sucker for British television mysteries like Midsomer Murders and British mystery novels by Elizabeth George and Minette Walters (but not Agatha Christie). The secrets are darker, the countryside is greener, and the language is peppered with phrases like “Bloody Hell!” and “Inn’t it?” Plus naughty people are occasionally described as randy (having a coarse manner;... read more

That’s Fit: Secret Lives of Women

Chalk this up to the universe teaching me a lesson about being closed-minded. I wouldn’t have voluntarily watched “Secret Lives of Women,” but I got an advance screener of tonight’s episode so I could write about it for That’s Fit. And I was surprised. This installment is about three women who lost significant amounts of weight, and I have to say, it was a pretty good show. It... read more

Bamboozled by Banglz

Sweet! According to the Banglz website, I can forget about the heavy weights I’ve been lifting twice a week, kiss my scary-sweaty met-con workouts goodbye, cancel my CrossFit Central membership, and just start wearing cute bracelets to reach my... read more

Hot Spinach – Cool Dressing – Awesome Snack

+ + + The SituationIt’s Sunday afternoon. I need a snack. And if I do it right, the damn thing will be made of vegetables, preferably something leafy and green. (See Moxy-Boss and Dallas?! I’m listening.) I look in the fridge which is, mercifully, packed with vegetables and other dino-chow goodies because I visited the grocery store twice today. Sigh. What I grabbed• a defrosted bag of... read more

Eating Paleo at ACL

Yesterday proved what I suspected: you can find dino-chow just about anywhere – you just have to be vigilant, diligent, and willing to toss a bun! After seeing Flogging Molly in relentless and awesome rain (see video below), I dug into a pulled pork sandwich from the Salt Lick BBQ stand: a pile of tasty pork with very lightly dressed shredded cabbage and a small squirt of BBQ sauce. The bun acted as a... read more

That’s Fit: Coke Comes Clean on Calories

That’s Fit is a fitness and nutrition blog in the AOL network – and one of my blog posts is live today. Coke Comes Clean on... read more

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Exactly two years ago today, I went to my first CrossFit Bootcamp workout. Suffice it to say, it was a life-changing event. On my one-year anniversary last year, I threw down some major goals for 2008-2009: pullup a handstand jumping on the tall box How did I do against them? Meh. Box jumps are conquered and now much-adored, which is pretty great. And if I’m well-rested, well-fed, and in a... read more

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