Sunday Sprints

Dave and I got shiny black kettlebells this week: 35 lbs. for me (16kg) and 40 lbs. for him – and we took them out to play at the park on Sunday. It was a barn-burner!

4 rounds for time:

10 kettlebell tosses (two hands, from the chest), 35 lbs.
10 broad jumps
sprint the loop around the park (490m)
My time: 20:35

Um. My broad jumps suck. Truly. I don’t mind them much, but there’s nothing “broad” about them. “Short jumps” might be more apt.

Then to wrap it up, we walked the 490m loop with our kettlebells in a fully-extended overhead position. I didn’t expect that to be as challenging as it was. I covered the first 100m or so in a minute and after that, I only made it about 30m or so before I had to drop the kettlebell and rest. It took me almost half the loop to figure on the best hand position, and almost 2/3 of the way around to realize I should WALK FASTER.

Dave adopted a sort of trotting shuffle that worked pretty well. I think I’m going to steal his idea next time. (You know it was challenging in just the right way when you start thinking about how to do better “next time.”)

Today is the end of my first week of completely no-cheat on my food; that means there are 32 days until our Thanksgiving feast at Trio. Did I tell y’all I’m also making these for Thanksgiving?! Anyway, a week in, I feel really good. I love the way my appetite is increased on workout days and mellow on non-workout days. It makes me feel like everything is functioning properly.


2 Responses to “Sunday Sprints”

  1. Barbara says:

    Oh..I LOVE Bacon and chocolate together…so yummy!

    Great workout!


  2. jencereghino says:

    Maybe you should try those brownies with this tasty concoction:

    …and go really wild!

    Love your blog and your commitment!

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