Fight Gone Bad: The Good

Congratulations to everyone who threw down at Fight Gone Bad on Saturday. So far, this year’s FGB has raised $990,792 worldwide for The Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project, and here in Austin, we’ve contributed $31,943.

I’m working on the whole story for you, but here’s a teaser. My final score was 221, and this photo pretty much sums up my feelings throughout this monster workout:
Donors, I wore your names in gold; thank you so much for being my partners-in-crime!


8 Responses to “Fight Gone Bad: The Good”

  1. Littles says:

    You are fierce! Great job.

  2. Barbara says:

    It was an incredible event and I AM doing it next time…

    You rocked it out!

  3. Aaron says:

    No that's intensity! Great job Saturday Mel!

  4. Melicious says:

    It would be great if making faces increased the calorie count on that damn rower!

  5. Mer says:

    Mel, you are SUCH an inspiration! I'm so, so proud of you for how committed and determined you are not only in your own fitness and health, but your support for others. Keep up the great work, role model! 😀

  6. Melicious says:

    Thanks, Mer! That was a crazy-hard workout, but in a good way. Thank YOU for your support and enthusiasm!

  7. Mrs. Julie says:

    That picture of you brings me great joy… and pain… and rolled up into a wonderful nugget of AWESOME!

  8. Melicious says:

    I'm a nugget of awesome! That rules.

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