Team Ninja

We did a team workout this morning, and I partnered with Stephen because he’s usually one step ahead of me – I decided to use that to my advantage this morning. Plus he’s fun and he works hard; love that! We were both wearing all black, so, using my enviable creative skills, I dubbed us BLACK… which somehow became Team Ninja during the course of the workout. We had to choose three moves... read more

Fantastic Advice: Eating Clean Without Busting the Bank

Food Renegade is a completely badass blog, and this post about how to afford eating “real food” is even more badass than usual. It covers how to prioritize food choices and how to run your kitchen to be efficient and healthful. I suggest you read it immediately. Do... read more

EZ Coconut Curry

As y’all can probably tell from my devotion to cumin, I love earthy, warm, spicy-sweet piles of food. I found a recipe for coconut curry at Simply Recipes and adapted it for my glamorous and glitzy dino-chow lifestyle. And now I’m sharing it with you, ’cause I like you. Full disclosure: I totally cheat in the kitchen. I usually have cooked chicken, ground beef, and pork chops ready-to-go... read more

Poison… In a Poison Bowl

I’ve been feeling a little rage-y and political about food lately. I’ve got a slew of posts coming up for you. Let’s start with this one! What’s 8 inches wide, comes in brilliant red and yellow hues, and might kill you? Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta. Yep! For just $5.99 you can get pasta (mushy) served in a bread bowl (fluffy) with gobs of cheese (stringy). There are standard... read more

Careful What You Wish For…

A week or so ago, I wrote an email to Carey, asking her if we could throw around some heavy weights in our CrossFit Women class. I said: There are three reasons I want to try a workout like that: 1. It scares the crap out of me, and it’s been too long since I did some new, scary stuff. 2. I think it would really give my fat loss a kick in the pants if I lifted heavy once a week. 3. The strength you... read more

Paleo Fashion?

Good heavens to Betsy Ross! This dress looks like the failed mash-up of a grass-fed bison advertisement and a Project Runway assignment. Can’t you hear Heidi and Tim Gunn? “Design a cocktail dress for the women participating in Melissa Urban’s paleo party.”It’s enough to make a girl consider sinking her teeth into a cupcake, washed down with an entire bottle of champagne, in... read more

It’s Good to Have a Nose: A Story in Photos

Sure, it’s not as soaring and breathtaking as Notre Dame, but to me, Penzeys is a sacred place: the Cathedral of Cumin. Inside was foodie heaven. Each station included small and large jars of spices to buy, plus a big, square-mouthed apothecary jar to sniff. We started in Spices A-Z and worked our way through Baking to Cinnamon, and from Curry to Salts. In the second nook of A-Z, we found the... read more

The Movement

Free inspiration, right here. Movement from CrossFit Central on Vimeo. Saturday’s a big day at CrossFit Central! FREE workouts at the CrossFit central main gym, at the UTB location, and at the new CF Central location at RunTex. Visit the CrossFit Central web site for details, and get your fanny out to a workout! Dave and I are going to the UTB – and my niece Pepper and nephew Levi are hitting the... read more

American Idols Live… Meh: A Story in Photos

I’m a big fan of the weekend road trip. Throw a cooler in the car, book a swanky room for cheap on Priceline, catch a rock show, sleep through the night without the interruptions of a zombie cat demanding to be fed, run in a foreign location, brew the complimentary in-room coffee, eat a late breakfast and scope out the locals… love it! Unfortunately our recent trip to Dallas wasn’t like... read more

‘Cause I Was Bored/Sad/Happy/Lonely/Excited/Scared

So… I’m reading this article called “Eating Habits in the Obese May Echo Drug Addicts’ Patterns,” and I’m thinking the details and the results of the study are pretty interesting. When researchers gave similarly “sinful” snacks to obese and non-obese women, the healthy-weight women wanted less of the treat over time, but obese women kept wanting... read more

Monday, Man

Things are a kinda rocky over here at The Clothes Make the Girl, so apologies in advance if I don’t get to post much this week. Nothing I can’t handle, but it’s going to be a busy week at corporate jail and at the ol’ homestead (which is a big bummer ’cause I have SO MANY THINGS I want to share with you). Happily, I can report that Dave and I did our AMRAP workout on Saturday... read more

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