That’s Fit!

That’s Fit is a fitness/sports/nutrition blog with a variety of contributors that have lots of great information to share. It’s a good place to stop for quick hits of inspiration and ideas to keep your motivation high. Editor Jacki Donaldson a) is a badass (check out her other blogs: my breast cancer blog and Planet Kid) and b) has excellent taste — ’cause she wrote a little feature... read more

Sun is Shining in Playa Del Carmen

Today’s WorkoutCrossFit Central Warmup: 3X 10 squats + 10 pushups + 10 rotations palm tree to palm tree: high knees, butt kicks, punter kicks Workout: 3X run to pier + 10 pushups + 15 dips + 20 squats It was blazing hot and humid this a.m. We muscled through three rounds, then practiced running barefoot in the surf. Duties... read more

Where It’s At: I Got Two Avocados and a Salmon Steak

I’m lolling on the beach in Playa del Carmen (where “lolling” equals starting each day with a run or CrossFit workout, then swimming, reading, and having adventures with Dave). But I couldn’t leave you stranded, so… * * * * * * * * * * * [Sing the title of this post to the tune of Beck’s “Where It’s At” for the full effect.] Ode Magazine, a print and... read more

This Just In: Playa del Carmen

I swore off the computer for our vacation, but it’s been pouring rain on and off all day, and I couldn’t resist when Dave tapped into the wireless. Despite the uncooperative weather, it’s been a pretty kickass day so far… Our hotel continental breakfast was huge, beautiful, delicious, and Zone-friendly: eggs, bacon, fruit, yucca homefries, and even half a piece of toast. Yum. I... read more

Que Te Cuides – Hasta Luego

We’re off. Wheeeee! I’ve scheduled blogs to post while I’m gone — profiles of amazing women to provide inspiration while I’m away, plus a special assignment for you in honor of July 4th. We’ll be spending much of the next week here…But on our “adventure day,” we’ll see this…And this…And this…You can rest assured we’ll enjoy... read more

I *heart* Deadlifts

Lookie! CrossFit Central twittered (tweeted?) a pic of me today. That’s fun! My modified Princess Leia hairdo was inspired by my work friends. Excellent for keeping the wisps away when you’re trying to do important stuff like not barf in the next 20... read more

Holiday Road

I invite you to enjoy the Lindsay Buckingham classic “Holiday Road,” while reading today’s installment. Yesterday was our company’s summer party. I’m on the Action Team (!), so I was sort of co-host of the whole shebang. We had an open bar and piles of yummy, fried things: shrimp with cheese and bacon wrapped in a wonton wrapper, flautas, mango quesadillas, nachos… I... read more

GooooOOOOOO, Carnivores!

... read more


As my (awesome / beautiful / smart / funny / strong) friend Carla says, “Excuses are... read more

Spartan Challenge 2009 | Final 300 Workout: A Story In Photos

The Spartan 300 workout is a beast! Before I get into the details and controversy (!) of my workout, take a lookie at the photographic evidence of bad-ass-dom at CrossFit Central last Saturday. Maggie was looking adorable, as usual. She has a new blog you might want to check out — and you should read her story of empowerment over at the CC web site.Erin and Maggie were in the first heat. Yay,... read more

Takin’ a Dip

Soon I’ll be takin’ a dip in the beautiful blue waters of Playa del Carmen and takin’ a sip of something cool and frosty. Just 6 more days ’til my first beach vacation since Dave and I went to Cabo San Lucas in 1993. That’s right! It’s been 16 years since the big man and I kicked back in the sand. Books, sunscreen, bathing suits, my stack of CrossFit WOD index cards... read more

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