Reading is Sexy: The Thirteenth Tale

Dave and I started the holiday weekend with a trip to Half-Price Books — having a 20% off Memorial Day sale — to stock up on entertainment for the weekend and for our upcoming vacation to Playa del Carmen (just 35 days ’til beach time!) About 2 years ago, I started keeping a nerdy notebook filled with scribbles that lists every book I’ve read. I had ambitious ideas at the beginning... read more

Double Workout Saturday

I am having what is, by my definition, the perfect Saturday. I woke up early without the alarm, did a workout with my amazingly awesome husband, went to Weight Watchers, ran with my amazingly awesome husband, ate a huge breakfast at Habanero, took a nap, and have been reading in my pjs ever since. Seriously. Can you even? Our workouts were the right blend of challenging and fun: Workout 1: Spartan5... read more

Yay, Roller Derby!

I guess today is Yay Day… I’m feeling all exclamation point-y and bouncy. I’ve retired my roller skates, but I still have a soft spot for Roller Derby and rollergirls and left turns. The “That’s Fit” blog has a really nice post today about Roller Derby and what kind of training is required to play the game. Check it out:Roller Derby – Go Retro With Exreme... read more

Yay, Summer!

I bag on work jail a lot, but I actually have a great job. Our corporate overlords are more like the LEGO Darth Vader than the wheezing, evil version in the movie.Proof of their cuddliness: in addion to the summer MONDAY holidays, they’ve given us two extra holidays every year: the Fridays before Memorial Day and Labor Day — like bookends on most-excellent summer fun. This morning, I did my... read more

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: iTunes Magic

Imagine the scenario: I’m sitting in my glass corporate jail (which is less jail-like now that I’ve snagged a window seat. Can I hear a what-what for natural light?! Everybody say, Hell, yeah… “Hell, yeah!”) Anyway… like I said, I’m sitting here in the glass corporate jail, typing like a monkey on a banana-induced sugar high, halfway daydreaming about the weekend,... read more

Relentlessness: 1 – Mini Snickers Bar: 0

Among the good and not-so-good advice I’ve read about commitments and goals, I found this tasty nugget: A commitment is a big decision to make lots of little decisions. Not bad, right? But I like to think of it this way: Mission 17 is a big decision NOT to make lots of little decisions. My commitment to Mission 17 means there is no decision to be made about working out, or whether or not I’ll... read more

Me! Me! Me!

I’m usually all about me… but today I want to point to a post about Bootcamper Latisha on Coach Megan‘s blog. I love Latisha’s little testimonial, and I think you will, too. Meet Latisha Oh! Camo man was walking the track again this morning.... read more

Run With The Heroes – June 7

I’m a sucker for cops and fire fighters and SEALS. [Insert some wise crack about men in uniform here; I’ll wait]. It’s not the uniform on law enforcement, emergency services, and military personnel that gets me; it’s the commitment to place honor, duty, commitment, and integrity above comfort so that I can obliviously go about the business of living my life. I watch NCIS and Law... read more

Everyone Starts Somewhere

I felt a little down when I left the gym this morning. Some days it just seems like I’m never going to get a pullup. Today was one of those days. Our workout was the I AM CROSSFIT workout: 3 X (7 cleans + 15 pullups + 400m run). It’s not one of my favorites. The last time I did it was in January, and I used a 65-lb. bar for the cleans, finishing in 11:04, well under the 15-minute cutoff, and a... read more

Runner’s World Quote of the Day

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. — Spanish proverb read more

Week 1: Spartan Challenge + Mission 17

One of the things I learned after the Spartan Challenge last year is that my workout journal and my food log can be helpful training tools — if I take the time to review them each week. It’s important that journaling become second nature, but it also needs to be a “living” activity. It’s no good to mindlessly record what I eat and how I move every week if I never look at it... read more

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