Let’s Jam

I was a Hotrod Honey with the Texas Rollergirls for almost five years, and during that time, some of the most dramatic scenes in my life unfolded in two-minute increments: the length of each jam during a Roller Derby bout.

In honor of those breathtaking 2-minute jams, I decided that I would do at least five HARD two-minute intervals with a 1:00 recovery during my run today, instead of just la-la-la-ing my way around the lake.

The difficulty of the running intervals kinda took me by surprise. Sweet!

The first one was awesome. It was like, “Wheeeeeeee! I’m runnnnnn-innnnng! Look at me go!”

With each subsequent interval my legs felt a little heavier, my lungs burned a little more — but in that really, very good way. About halfway through my fifth interval, I thought, “It’s just like Roller Derby. Just two little minutes. Keep those feet moving….”

And so I did. And like magic, eventually I was back where I started with three miles done.

Today’s training session started in our backyard, with a Spartan Challenge workout:

Backyard Spartan Workout
For time:
50 pushups
50 walking lunges
50 supermans
400m run

My time: 6:16
The pushups were brutal. When are they going to get easier? When?! But my knee is almost 100% again, so that’s a relief.

3-mile run:
5X 2:00 on/1:00 off
easy run for 1/2 mile
2X 2:00 on/1:00 off


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  1. Erin Clare says:

    Nice job on the runs! It’s that “on/off” interval running that completely gases me out. I would love to try that with you two some time.

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