SXSW Watch 2009: Band Name Trends

Full disclosure: I tend to have a bad attitude about SXSW.

I was starry-eyed about the whole thing when we moved in Austin 2001. I even volunteered to be a roadie and spent five nights hauling gear for bands at the Gingerman. I drank Jim Beam in a van with a band from Minneapolis and made small talk with one of my musical heroes, Jim Lauderdale. I loved it!

Since then, the allure of SXSW has waned for me. I don’t like the way our town starts to feel like it doesn’t belong to us — and an article in the Chronicle a few years ago about how the founders of SXSW don’t care if the locals like it or not really set my teeth on edge.

But y’all know I can’t remain hard-hearted, even if I want to. About this time of year, despite myself, I start feeling that tickle of anticipation. I wonder if I’ll see anybody famous/cute/infamous… Can’t wait ’til our Karaoke Apocalypse shows… Oooh! PopCandy Whitney is having a meet-up; I can go see her… etc. etc. etc.

So consider this a first in a series: fun tidbits about, but not about, SXSW. I’ll try to bring you fun stuff I stumble onto… and who knows?! I just might set aside my prejudice and take a 6-pack to the parking lot outside Stubb’s to eavesdrop on a show or two.


From Paste magazine, an article that examines trends in band names at SXSW. My favorite? Holy Ghost! I thought maybe St. Joe’s Choir should try to play a bill sometime with St. Vincent, but I checked ‘em out on myspace and…um… let’s just say, they’re not my taste.

Check out the article about the trends in band names for 2009:
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Beware: Nine New Band-Name Trends on the Rise at SXSW

And here’s a shot of Holy Ghost! for you:


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