Did Someone Slip Me a Mickey?!

Man! Bonita, Dave, and I met at the UTB area today to do our workout: Bonita and me because we’re training for ZOOMA; Dave simply because he’s awesome. Our plan was to do a modified version of Tabata Something Else (details below) and a 6-mile run, but I was feeling meh about the whole thing so we revised on-the-fly and decided to do a 4-mile loop instead.

Big ups to Dave and B for their tabata work this morning. That shit is HARD, and we did it. Whew!

Tabata Something Else, Mellified
8 rounds, :20 on/:10 off of each:
  • pushups
  • squats
  • situps
  • dips

(See the original Tabata Something Else here.)

My numbers:
pushups: 15 15 11 9 10 11 9 9
(all on my toes except for 2 in round 6 when I almost pooped out but rallied)

squats: 20 22 21 23 23 22 22 23
(new record!)

situps: 12 12 13 12 12 12 12 12

dips: 18 19 17 14 14 15 13 14

Clearly, I need to work on my dips. And that 13th situp was a fluke, eh?!

Our run was pretty uneventful. Pleasant, nice pace, Bonita kept me company because my iPod battery died… it was an excellent Saturday morning.

Then Dave and I came home to shower before our Tex-Mex reward when suddenly, I was hit by a truck while washing my hair. One minute I was sudsing, the next BLAM! Down for the count. I lolled on the bed for a while, rallied long enough to stuff my face with a chicken tostada, then took the nap of all naps.

Lesson learned: do not underestimate the ass-kicking power of the Tabata. (See my previous post on Dr. Tabata for details about why it’s so good and so hard.)


One Response to “Did Someone Slip Me a Mickey?!”

  1. Bonita says:

    Way to go on being consistent round after round! For the record, you cranked out several more reps than I could do for each exercise. I resorted to knee push-ups because my arms were wasted and I was wheezing like a harmonica.
    I want to thank you for giving me a proper ass whippin’.

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