Austin Half Marathon: A Story in Photos

Our Austin Half Marathon adventure officially started on Saturday afternoon at around 4:00 when we left our house, suitcases in tow, and headed for the bus stop. The master plan was to take the bus to the Hyatt (so we could feel like tourists and not have to deal with the car), check in, pick up our race packets, browse around the fitness expo, then have dinner at the runners’ chicken/pasta/salad... read more

Mmmmm…. Doritos

[This is me around mile 9. I was feeling pretty good and looking forward to the hills.] I did it! I finished the Austin Half Marathon with a smile on my face AND I ate nacho cheese Doritos. Woot! I’ll share the whole story and photos of our “real” half marathon tomorrow. A hug of thanks to my CrossFit pal Julie for sending me this photo — and for being the leader of a great cheering... read more

I Have a Confession to Make: Doritos

When Dave and I volunteered for the Austin Marathon last year, I worked at the finish line for a while, handing out water. Then I got moved to the food tent where it was my job to keep the food donated by HEB flowing into the hands of the exuberant but exhausted runners. There were granola bars and bananas and oranges and giant boxes stuffed full of shiny, foil grab bags Cheetos, Fritos, Potato Chips, and... read more

Matt Long

Whatever you’re doing right now: Stop it! You need to go get a copy of the March 2009 issue of Runner’s World. I’m not kidding! Go get it… I’ll wait. You back? OK. Turn to page 87 to read “A Second Life:” Matt Long had life by the horns — until the day he got crushed by a 20-ton bus. Though the once unstoppable firefighter and Ironman suffered horrific... read more

Thrusters: Dead To Me

I’ve declared open war on thrusters. I don’t like them; they don’t like me. That’s the current way of the world. Thrusters are dead to me. They were part of our workout today, and I somehow did them while ignoring them. Neat trick, right? Our workout2 stations, 2X, 5 minutes each station: Station 115 box jumps15 thrusters15 swings Station 212 broad jumps12 push jerk12 med ball... read more

Heart, Schmart

I tend to be Scrooge-y about formal holidays. I prefer regular days that turn into something special. But even I can’t be too grumpy about these adorable, FREE electronic valentines at Kate Spade’s web site. Send one to a friend or sweetie now and make yourself — and them —... read more

Free Inspiration… For Free

Last February — hot on the trail of my then-recent commitment to get to goal weight and trying to settle into my relatively new job with the corporate overlords — I joined my co-workers as volunteers at the finish line of the Austin Marathon. And, as usual, I recruited Dave to be my partner-in-crime. It was cold in the shadows of the downtown buildings while we waited from 6:30 a.m. until the... read more

You May Now Breathe Easy

I just got an email from Madewell 1937 (“Real, honest, wear-with-everything clothes for women.”) with the subject line: The wait is over… “What a relief!” I thought. Then, “What wait?… I didn’t know I was waiting. What must-have article of clothing is about to be revealed? Is it the answer to my previously unrealized fashion... read more

South Indian Curry

I’m a sucker for anything leopard print and any recipe that includes coconut, which sort of explains how this recipe came to be. I’m a child of the ‘80s, and Duran Duran remains one of my favorite bands. Their videos for “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Save a Prayer” were shot in Sri Lanka against the backdrop of lush jungles, idyllic beaches with wandering elephants, and a marketplace full... read more

The Truth Is…

The Runner’s World quote o’ the day today reminds me of a story Dave likes to tell about Steve Martin. Steve was hosting some awards show and the camera panned to a hot Hollywood actor. I don’t remember which one, so just insert the name of your favorite fit, beautiful person. The camera lingered lovingly on his fine form, then cut back to Steve Martin who said, “I do ANYTHING to... read more

CrossFitters Are Crazy

God bless ’em. CrossFit Evolution Video read more

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