What a Rat!

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled activities to bring you this rat with a teddy bear from CuteOverload.

I do not like rats.

But this is a rat with a teddy bear.

This is adorableness.


4 Responses to “What a Rat!”

  1. becomingtheafter says:

    Now, that’s a cute rat. (My word verification is snetsm.)

  2. erikajeanne says:

    yep, love l-o-v-e

  3. Morgan Nave says:

    Why are people so weird about rats, or any other type of misunderstood animal? People who don’t love and respect all of natures creations are void of something in their brains. They’re obviously smart and cute creatures. You know whats grosser than rats? Superficial women.

  4. Tianna says:

    Could have something to do with the fact that wild rats will jump at your throat if they feel cornered. And the bubonic plague…haha.

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