Sometimes The Workout’s The Only Good Part

The corporate overlords are on my last nerve.

I spilled my tea.

My hair is frizzy.

I’m tired.

And hungry.

I was late for work.

I had to call my accountant to talk about my 2007 income tax return.

But I did my training for the day, and for today, that might just be enough.

5 rounds, 20-lb. dumbbells:
5 shoulder press
10 push press
15 push jerk

My time: 13:00

3-mile run on hike & bike trail

4 Responses to “Sometimes The Workout’s The Only Good Part”

  1. Marc Majcher says:

    What’s the difference between a push press and a push jerk? I watched some youtube videos, but I’m still not getting it.

  2. Melicious says:

    Both are based on the overhead press.

    Push press: The weight is lifted by doing a little ‘push’ with your core. It starts with a slight dip in the knees, then you dig your heels into the ground, and thrust the weight up overhead via the push from the legs.

    Push jerk: Also starts with a dip but instead of just a little “pop” with the hips, you actually jump up to press the weight overhead. And on the landing, with arms now extended overhead, you end in a semi-squat position and straighten to full standing to end the move.

    This is a good video of push jerk. See her feet clear the floor?

    And here’s video of the push press. See how her feet stay anchored but she uses her core to get the weight up?

    And finally, shoulder press. Body is stationary

  3. Marc Majcher says:

    Crazy. Thanks!

  4. Christine White says:

    Great explanation, Coach Mel!

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