I AM CROSSFIT Finale Workout

Wow! I love when I’m wrong. My internal monologue has been like this for a few days: I don’t know about this whole I AM CROSSFIT thing. I don’t feel like I’m really going to see results. I mean, I’m happy about the half marathons and the extra workouts, but I’ve been kinda having trouble with the Zone, and that I AM CROSSFIT workout on January 3 sucked. I HATED it! I... read more

Another Vanity Post

** Disclaimer: I had another rough week and a less-than-spectacular weigh-in this morning. But right now — after a great workout and big breakfast with some of my favorite people — I’m feeling fit and strong and proud and just generally, all-around good. And maybe a little sassy. Forgive me for being vain today; I kinda need to indulge in a little “yay, me” after the suck-ass... read more

Hard Eight

I am, as Dave likes to say, “risk averse.” I don’t even like the idea of a surprise party. But I like games of chance, and I LOVE Vegas, baby. Craps is my game. What’s more fun than rockin’ a sparkly dress with a cocktail in one hand and a pair of hot dice in the other?! One time, I even played for an hour or so at the Hard Rock Casino with the guitar slinger himself, Mr.... read more

Austin Half Marathon Video

So… the soundtrack is a little corny, but this video is a nice encapsulation of what Half Marathon day was like. Right about the time I was, like, “Man, this music is kinda cheesy…” I saw myself crossing the finish line, and it was very... read more

What a Rat!

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled activities to bring you this rat with a teddy bear from CuteOverload. I do not like rats. But this is a rat with a teddy bear. This is... read more

My Face Might Explode

We had a 3-hour Peter Elliott and the Sellouts band practice last night. We did a lot of hard work and had some fun, and I left Music Lab feeling pretty excited. It’s looking like we might book a a show soon! But by the time I got home, I was droopy. It’s a long day from 5:15 a.m. alarm through CrossFit Women on to a full work day, then a 5:40 bus ride home, fast dinner, and off to rock it... read more

Celebrating at Trio: A Story In Photos

Disclaimer: These photos are of questionable quality. The lighting was too low for no flash, but the flash was unflattering. We opted for “fuzzy” over “washed out.” Which just makes me remember… one year at SXSW, I saw a Japanese band that traveled EVERYWHERE with its own lighting crew: on the sidewalk, in a restaurant, on stage… everywhere. The lighting crew walked... read more

Gotcha, Box Jumps!

Travel back in time with me to March 2008. It was my third time EVER attending a UTB, and box jumps were on the menu because we were doing a mini Fight Gone Bad. I distinctly remember finishing up the first round of wall ball and moving toward the box jump station. I walked right up to the 20-inch box — which I’d never seen before — and stared at it, slack-jawed. Jeremy materialized at my... read more

My Favorite Chili Recipe

In sixth-grade English, our class read a story about a Native American tribe in the Southwest. I’ve forgotten all but one fascinating detail of that story: the family ate meat cooked with chocolate. Thanks to my dad’s rule that we must at least try everything once, I ate a lot of weird stuff as a kid — raw lamb in kibbeh, chicken livers, capers — but this was something I simply... read more

Carey Kepler = Superstar

I’ve been stalking the CrossFit Endurance site for months with the intention of adding CFE workouts into my mix after the Austin Half Marathon. Guess it’s time! This morning, when I went to check out what today’s torture prescription might be, I saw this: Congratulations to the ever-fabulous Carey Kepler for making running look so damn H-O-T. Carey was my first CrossFit coach when I... read more

Pity Party

My head feels like it’s going to explode, my nose is sniffly, and I’ve been coughing. Feeling under the weather makes me angry, and then I was mean to Dave, and now he’s mad at me. I went to bed at 7:30 p.m. last night and slept until 7:00 a.m. today. I’m still tired. The last physical exercise I got was a walk on Monday. My eyes are burning. I’m working from home today, but... read more

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