Sport Photo Can Suck It

As you know, I never met a souvenir photo I didn’t like. Both Dave and I were pretty excited last night when we got the email that our proofs from the 3M Half Marathon were ready at Sport Photo. But the joy was short-lived.

1. The Sport Photo web site is so clunky, it’s almost unusable. What a horrible user experience! It made me a fist of rage.

2. The photos themselves aren’t very good. I gotta give props to the photogs that shot last year at the Moonlight Margarita Run (Kreutz Photography) and the Nike Human Race (Brightroom) — they did a bang-up job of framing the photos so that they looked better than just a regular ol’ snapshot taken with a point-and-shoot.

3. Sport Photo is charging me $9 shipping for two 4X6 photographs. I know they have to put them in a cardboard mailer, but that’s just a ridiculous mailing charge. I ship my book to people in a cushioned mailer for $6. A BOOK, people! They’re exploiting my glee at running the half marathon, and I resent it. A lot.

4. I had to buy the photo of Dave crossing the finish line. There was no doubt that I would. have. that. photo. But my happiness at having the pic is tinged with bitter.

So I’m breakin’ the law. I bought two of their damn photos, which I’ll scan and post here when they arrive in their $9-mailer. But for now, here are two crappy, watermarked, digital pics I swiped from their site.

Despite my whining about the quality and cost, I am happy to have the photographic evidence of our kickass first half marathon. My vanity dictates it! So there you go: in the epic ‘ego vs. anger’ battle, ego wins :-)

We purchased the “look mean” version of this photo, so here’s the smiley one:And here I around mile 6.


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  1. Jen says:

    I’m so glad you bought the “mean” look. I saw it and it was fantastic. The posted one is great too, I just think that the “mean” one is you.

    Great job!

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