UTB Pushup Haiku

Frozen ground, cold hands.Taut. Humbled. Lungs blaze. Commit.Repeat, repeat, re… This morning was ridiculously perfect. Makes me marvel at my good fortune. To be surrounded by silly-fun-motivated friends and breathing the fresh air and rejoicing in the discomfort of a workout… what a gift! There were 100 of us at the UTB this morning, squatting in unison during the warm up and barking out the... read more


That’s my bib number for the Austin Half Marathon on February 15. H0102 And even though I just ran 13.1 last weekend and even though it was hard and even though I thought I might freeze to death at the finish line and even though it made my whole week harder because I was tired but didn’t realize I was tired because I was so proud… I’m SUPER excited about the Austin Half... read more

Pole Dancer Fail

My pal Stacey introduced me to Fail Blog at just about the most inopportune time: the middle of a client conference call. She sent me an IM with a link, and I mistakenly watched it during the meeting. I almost blew a gasket trying not to laugh out loud — almost had a Professionalism Fail. This was the video: “Best Man Fail” This morning on my way to Bootcamp, I heard a radio commercial... read more


Both of my client presentations were bumped to Monday so the rest of today should be smooth and easy. Can I get an “amen”? And speaking of being free… Crystal designated today “Sprint Friday,” and even though sprints running sprints is tough, man! it’s fun and freeing. Our workout:ROUND 110 med ball cleans + 100 jump rope8 med ball cleans + 80 jump rope6 med ball cleans... read more

No Way! You’re Lying!

That’s what I said to Dave at 6:00 this morning when he looked at his iPhone in the dark and told me it was 29 degrees outside. “I told you last night that it was gonna be really cold this morning,” he said in a sleepy voice, pulling the blanket over his head. “You should listen to me…” Fifteen minutes later, we were both outside, bundled up, PVC pipes lying on the... read more

My Day Kinda Sucks…

… but this totally rules. Sign hacker broadcasts zombie warningsBy Katie Petroski | Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 04:10 PM Someone reprogrammed two construction road signs near the University of Texas early Monday morning in an attempt to warn the city of an imminent zombie attack. Messages that typically warn Lamar Boulevard drivers of construction on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard splashed several... read more

Sport Photo Can Suck It

As you know, I never met a souvenir photo I didn’t like. Both Dave and I were pretty excited last night when we got the email that our proofs from the 3M Half Marathon were ready at Sport Photo. But the joy was short-lived. 1. The Sport Photo web site is so clunky, it’s almost unusable. What a horrible user experience! It made me a fist of rage. 2. The photos themselves aren’t very good.... read more

Grape & Blue Cheese Salad

Erin had a tasty-lookin’ lunch yesterday: grilled chicken and a salad she got at Whole Foods. I’m single-white-female-ing her food: I made myself some of the grape & blue cheese salad last night as a snack, and it RULED. So I’m passing the recipe along to you… Grape & Blue Cheese SaladServes 1; 1 block C+P+F, 2.5 WW points Ingredients1/2 c grapes1/4 c reduced-fat blue... read more

Our first half marathon

The official 3M Half Marathon race results are online. If you know someone who ran and want to look them up, you can do it here. My stats are below; Dave did AWESOME but we have a deal that I won’t divulge the details of his athletic achievements in my blog — couples’ confidentiality agreements and all that — but believe me: he killed it. Here are my stats:Chip time –... read more

Back In The Saddle Again

For your viewing and listening pleasure while reading today’s workout report: Aerosmith rocking out “Back in the Saddle Again.” Last night, when I set my alarm for Bootcamp this morning, I wondered if I would really feel up to a workout after yesterday’s long (long, long) run. I did! I felt like a million bucks this morning, and our Bootcamp workout was awesomely hard. Loved it. We... read more

To The Best Of Our Knowledge

With the Super Bowl coming up next week, the radio show “To The Best Of Our Knowledge” focused on sports — and they asked me to talk about my book, sports, women, and fishnets. You can listen online here: If you want to skip to my interview, you can fast-forward to around the 27:10... read more

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