New Year’s Day "Good Luck" Feast

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. My hometown of Orwigsburg (population: 3106) is tucked in among Amish country, coal mines, and Hawk Mountain. My family is mostly of Lebanese and Italian heritage, but on New Year’s Day, we ate according to Pennsylvania Dutch tradition: pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes and buttered rye bread. Dave’s always been kind of dumbfounded by my need to eat... read more

Love Is All You Need

See more funny videos and funny pictures at... read more

Oh, Marilyn! Or… A Mini New Year’s Resolution

I like regular days that turn special more than I like official holidays. I like truck stop coffee more than fancy la-la lattes. And I like chipping away at being the best me possible more than setting sweeping resolutions on New Year’s Eve. However, I’m making a tiny exception this year, inspired by this photo of Marilyn Monroe.I, Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan, hereby resolve in 2010... read more

2010: A Tabata Odyssey

In the wake of celebrating Halloween with the Zombie Attack Preparedness Workout, pre-Christmas with The Twelve Days of CrossFit Christmas, and Christmas Eve with the modified Filthy Fifty, a reader challenged me to post a New Year’s workout that would motivate y’all to get up and out on the first day of 2010. Fun! OK! I noticed something about next year… 2010 It looks remarkably like... read more

Bataan Memorial Death March

Now that I’ve put half marathons on my “done” list, I’m not running as many miles as I used to. But Runner’s World is still a great diversion. Honestly, it can be hard to tell one issue from the next. There’s always a recipe that can be converted to dino-chow; tips for avoiding injury; training programs for either a 5k, 10k or marathon/half marathon; and an in-depth... read more

Cookie PR?! And Back to Green Things

On October 25, Dave and I did a Moxy-Boss designed workout we called “Sunday Sprints:” WOD 1:4 rounds10 kettlebell throws10 broad jumpsrun around the park (490m) WOD 2:Walk one lap around the park with the kettlebell overhead Back in October, my times looked like this:WOD 1 – 20:35WOD 2 – 10:10 I was stunned at the time that the overhead carry took so long! And honestly, the whole... read more

Christmas Eve 2009: A Brief Story in Photos

Christmas Eve Filthy Fifty Nothing says “holiday” like a ridiculous number of pushups and burpees and swings and more with friends. It was windy and cold and dang if that workout wasn’t harder than I remembered. I blame the cookies! We followed it up with a Tex-Mex brunch chaser. Dad with the homemade fruitcake I sent him Candied fruit and nuts and love… yummy.Our new living room... read more

Christmas Eve A.M. Workout

Attention! Earn your cookies! We’re doing a Christmas Eve Filthy Fifty™ in Gillis Park (map) on Thursday, December 24 at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Come out and play! Not in Austin? Here’s the workout. Feel free to play along at home! 50 consecutive reps of each:box jumpspushupsDB or KB swingswalking lungesdipsDB or KB push presssupermanburpeeselbow-to-kneesdouble-unders The last time I did this... read more

Holiday Dino-Chow: Fancy Olives

This is a two-part recipe. Each part works on its own, but if you make them as a tag-team, your taste buds will dance like ten lords a-leaping. Each can easily be doubled or halved without getting too unwieldy or requiring tricky kitchen math. (If only I’d known in sixth grade that those damn fractions really were going to be important some day!) These recipes are from an out-of-print cookbook by... read more


I didn’t workout yesterday, so today was supposed to be back squats or deadlifts, Dave’s pick. But on Lyssa’s recommendation, I read this new blog by Coach Burgener’s daughter Sage and got all kinds of fired up about overhead squats. Merry Christmas to me! Overhead squats it is! I love ’em. They don’t scare me like back squats, and they don’t make me wicked... read more

That’s Fit Success Stories: Megan Parsons

I’m a contributor to AOL’s fitness blog That’s Fit… my goal when I write “over there” is to bring the CrossFit, be a fire breather, eat like a cave person philosophy to the That’s Fit readers… shake ’em up a little bit and get them lifting, jumping, sleeping, and chowing down properly. I was recently assigned a featured column: That’s Fit Success... read more

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