What Time Is It?

I’ve got plenty to tell you about Christmas, but first, I have to go running. And today, I’ll be timing my intervals with my new watch that was given to me by Dave. I love it! If fulfills my criteria to a T: black chunky easy to use gadget-y See?It’s the Nike Hammer (as in “I’m gonna drop the hammer on you, sucker.) It’s water resistant, has a digital chronograph, and... read more

Lasagna Fest 2008

I come from a family of professional cooks and eaters. Consider this: 1. My dad owned a restaurant from the time I was born until I graduated from high school. And he bought the restaurant from his father, who owned several diners in northeastern Pennsylvania, including one of those shiny chrome ones that are delivered on big trucks and are populated by waitresses who say things like, “My dog’s... read more

Bacon and Butter

Warning: This post contains no helpful information about nutrition, motivation, effective workouts, or good physical health. It is, however, devoted to deliciousness and indulging just a little bit, when the time is right. * * * * * * * * * * * * Inspired by the bacon-rific (baconlicious?!) ideas on BaconToday, I decided to try adding bacon to a cookie recipe I got from my mom. The recipe was already sort... read more

Bear Crawls and Butter

Bootcamp this morning was awesome because it included one of my favorite activities: BEAR CRAWL! Our workout4 rounds for time 50 squats 20 kettlebell swings 20 pushups My time: 13:40 2 rounds walking lunge w/ kettlebell pass-thru BEAR CRAWL w/ 15-lb. dumbbells 25 situps Woot! If, like me, you’re baking today, you might want to check out this article from The New York Times about how to manage... read more

A Very Special Christmas

I love love love TV shows’ special holiday episodes… and the link below lists all of the Christmas-related television available on YouTube. Check it out:... read more

Crystal McReynolds = Best Quality Human

CrossFit Central programs are officially over for the year, but Coach Crystal offered to hold Bootcamp today and tomorrow for a drop-in fee if at least two of us would commit to showing up. As much as I wanted to sleep in this morning and indulge in holidayness and stay up late and eat cookies and dream of sugarplums and eat bacon for breakfast and…. I know that I need to stick to my routine until... read more

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merrrrrrrrrryyyyy Karaoke

You know, if you’re not careful while typing, it’s pretty easy to turn SANTA into SATAN. So last night, was I Santa’s little helper, or minion to that other guy in red? You decide. First, photographic evidence: The show at the Nomad Bar started with one of our old friends Helena rocking the stage with “Shout at the Devil.” She’s about 6-feet tall, reed thin, and sang... read more

Karaoke Apocalypse – Tomorrow Night @ The Nomad

Karaoke Apocalypse is rockin’ the Nomad Bar tomorrow night. You should come out and play with us! Nomad Bar – 1213 Corona DrSaturday, December 2o — that’s tomorrow, people!10:30 p.m.Reasons You Should Come to See Karaoke Apocalypse: 1. It’s officially the holiday season.Time to drink, sing, and be merry… even for CrossFitters and Scrooges and... read more

The Jig is Up, The News is Out

Enjoy this totally awesome rendition of “Renegade” by Styx while I tell you about Bootcamp this morning. Before I get to the workout, we must discuss the 11 details (turn it up to 11!) that make this video AWESOME: The hair! The hair flipping. The keyboard player’s striped mock turtleneck. The drummer’s faux-Versace dress shirt. Guitar solos that will make your face melt... read more

Feeling Christmasy

I have a thing for retro Christmas decorations — the tackier, the better. When I discovered Charles Phoenix and his vintage photos at Christmas time a few years ago, it was like getting a special present. He lives in L.A. and collects family photo slides from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s that he finds at flea markets and yard sales, then he puts on slideshows in L.A. that both celebrate... read more

Thrusters Can Suck It

I hate ’em. I’ve grown to love burpees. Respect pullups. Admire handstands. Welcome lunges. But thrusters? Hate.Them. Our Bootcamp Workout4 rounds for time:15 thrusters, 15-lb. dumbbells8 R arm snatch, 15-lb. dumbbell8 L arm snatch, 15-lb. dumbbell50 walking lunges My time: 14:33 Medicine Ball Abs4X 15 V-twists, 6-lb. ball4X V-holds15 partner situp+throw, 10-lb. ball50 partner Russian twist,... read more

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