I Am CrossFit Because…

I Am CrossFit from CrossFit Central on Vimeo I am CrossFit because tomorrow, I’m celebrating New Year’s Day by running 11 miles with my fantastic... read more

When’s the Last Time…

… you did something for the first time? If you’re CrossFit, the answer to that question is probably “this morning.” I didn’t intentionally set out to tackle new adventures this year, but my quest for goal weight and fitness brought with it all kinds of frexciting new ideas and activities. What a gift! And what a fortunate girl I am, to be surrounded by people who push,... read more

I Am CrossFit Challenge

Just sent in my preferences for the I Am CrossFit Challenge… woot! The kick-off workout is this Saturday, and I’m doing LEVEL II, which means a 65-lb. hang clean. I think that’s going to be pretty challenging for me, and I’m already sorta halfway wishing I’d gone for a lighter weight… but I guess I’m ready to have my butt kicked again. I’ve been sleeping a... read more

Cat Fud

I’m back in my corporate glass box today and probably actually kinda need to do some real work. Take a two-minute break from whatever responsibilities you have today and enjoy these photo-real re-enactments of Gary Larson Far Side cartoons on Flickr. (Visit the real Gary Larson online... read more

Reading Is Sexy: Northanger Abbey… Meh

Someone warned me in a comment on my blog that Northanger Abbey is generally not favored among Jane Austen’s novels and might not be a good one with which to start my Jane Project. But it was a fine beginning for the Project because I’m determined to keep an open mind. I suspected this one might be a bit rough because it was Austen’s first novel. I certainly wouldn’t want strangers... read more

Christmas Eve Lasagna Fest 2008: A Story in Photos

For my birthday last year, my buddy Peter got me a mold to make a swan ice sculpture. Lasagna Fest 2008 seemed like the perfect excuse to try it. It worked!And it looked pretty cool on the table.All of the preparations made Sesame really tired.We had three delicious lasagnas for the faux competition this year. (For the record, Dave prefers to call it an “exhibition,” but we couldn’t... read more

10 Miles… Done!

Whew! We had a really great run today. I’m SO relieved. After my 9-mile disaster a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure the half marathon and I were going to be BFFs. But today ruled! Don’t get me wrong: it was definitely challenging, but I felt pretty good most of the time. I slowed down my pace at the beginning, and that seemed to help a lot with my attitude and with my calves and... read more

10 Miles… How Bad Can That Be?

We’re off for our 10-mile adventure. I’m wearing my Fight Gone Bad shirt for good luck. Stories later… read more

Reading Is Sexy: Jane Eyre and Jane Austen

There are a small number of things I love so much, I can barely bring myself to talk about the depth of my feelings for them. Social Distortion and Mike Ness. Popcorn. Dave. Jane Eyre. It seems too revealing, too intimate for general, social conversation. But the facts about my relationship with Jane Eyre, I can share. I read the book in its entirety a few times a year. I keep a copy on my desk at work so... read more

Reading Is Sexy: The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

I recently finished reading The Piano Shop On The Left Bank by Thad Carhart, and it was just… enchanting. It tells the story of Carhart’s rekindling of his love for pianos, but it also describes the intricacies of relationships in Paris neighborhoods and is a reminder of how simple pleasures — music, conversation, companionship — are the dearest of all. Carhart mixes his personal... read more

More Calories + More Rest = Better Running?

I had a really great 3-mile run today! Was it the new watch? The bacon cookies? The massive amounts of rest I’ve been getting lately? Or maybe I’m just lighter without that annoying thyroid weighing me down? Whatever it is, I’ll take it! Total time: 28:45Minutes per mile: 9:35 Neato! According to the Runner’s World race pace prediction calculator, I should be able to finish the half... read more

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