Too Small to be a "Filly"

Until recently, I’ve always been a “big girl,” as the more polite people liked to say. During my triathlon and Roller Derby days, they meant it as a compliment: “It’s great that a big girl like you trains for triathlon.”… or “It’s so cool that you aren’t all hung up on being skinny. I think big girls on skates are hot.” And I agree: big... read more

To I-35 and Beyond

Dave and I ran 8.5 miles today. The temperature was perfect for our new superhero outfits (a.k.a., Under Armour® Cold Gear), and the sun was sparkly on the water. We started at the RunTex water stop by the South First bridge and went east, under the Congress bridge, past the Four Seasons, under I-35, and along the lake until the wooden bridge that was our turn-around point at about 2.25 miles. Then we... read more


Another lovely Friday lost to the corporate overlords. Harumph.Our Bootcamp workout4 rounds 20 med ball slams, 10-, 8-, and 6-lb ball 25 superman 25 knee-to-elbow finish with 1 sprint lap 4 rounds for time, 15-lb. dumbbells 5 renegade rows 10 squat cleans 15 dumbbell swing 20 sprawls My time: 14:36 Tabata abs 4X flutters 4X oblique reach Tomorrow, I’m doing double workout… woot!…... read more

Lt. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody = Four-Star General

Ann Dunwoody is the first woman to reach the four-star rank. “I grew up in a family that didn’t know what glass ceilings were,” she said. “This nomination only reaffirms what I have known to be true about the military throughout my career — that the doors continue to open for men and women in uniform.” “While I may be the first, I know I won’t be the... read more

Seven Double-Unders

Before I share some exciting news I got today (how’s that for a cliff hanger?!), I need to talk about the kickass workout we did this morning with Carey. 5 rounds pullups, max in one minute/30 seconds rest double-unders, max in one minute/60 seconds rest My pullups went 17 – 15 – 12 – 14 – 14 with the green band. Not awesome, not bad — and I was able to string... read more

Presidential Pullups

“Two staffers had just passed this site and done two pull-ups. Not to be outdone, Obama did three with ease, dropped and walked out to make a speech. Missoula, Mont., 4/5/2008.” Photo by Callie Shell – see more of her photos of President_Elect... read more

In the Pink

My corporate overlords kept me so busy today, I almost forgot to post about my cute new pink workout top and how Crystal tried to kill us this morning. Our workoutMax rounds in 10 minutes 20 med ball situps, 6-lb ball 20 pushups 20 squats 2X thru running ladder I finished 3 complete rounds (got my chest as low as I could on every pushup, thank you very much) + 20 situps + 5 pushups. Partner med ball 15... read more

I Know What I’m Doing After Work

My morning computer ritual: 1. check email2. see what’s new on my favorite blogs3. compare my workout to the WOD4. get to work Today’s WODFive rounds for time 25 Inverted Burpees 25 Pull-ups 25 Burpees Excuse me? Wha?! INVERTED BURPEE! What is this new trick? The Inverted BurpeeStarting supine, kip (or sit-up and roll) to standing, kick-up to handstand. This burpee derivative... read more

Hothouse Flowers

Recommended listening while reading this post: We ran eight miles today. It was hard, but not horrible, so… yay! We started with a 2-mile out-and-back on the Barton Creek Greenbelt, then ran through Zilker to do the 3-mile loop around the lake. The greenbelt was challenging: lots of scampering over rocks and crossing our fingers that we were following the correct leg of the trail. You can see our... read more

Burpees and Thrusters and Lunges… Oh, My

With a promise to Dave — and a warning to Crystal — that I would “take it easy,” I jumped out of bed this morning before the alarm (hooray!) and bundled up for Bootcamp. I’m madly in love with my new cold weather Under Armour tights and hoodie — very snuggly, incredibly comfortable, and black black black. Our workout was challenging, but I scaled it and it felt pretty... read more

Minor Update

Dr. Lifshen’s office called to give me the good news that my blood work was back and everything looked normal. No anemia, nothing wonky in the blood test related to thyroid function. Then I went to my thyroid ultrasound and it was a non-event — took 10 minutes and then I was on my way to the office for a meeting. Should hear from the doc tomorrow with the results of the ultrasound. ‘Til... read more

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