Hat + Gloves + Hoodie = Happy Run

It was, like, 41 degrees for our run this morning. I think I smiled the whole way. My workout: 50 situps 50 pushups 30 step ups 3-mile run read more

Double Unders: No Longer My Nemesis?

Two weeks ago, I told y’all how the double-under was my nemesis. But this morning, Crystal encouraged (a.k.a, forced) us to practice and after many failed attempts — landing ON the rope and whipping my ankles — I got it! And I was so excited every time I did it right, I was never able do it twice in a row. But I will. Damn it. And I can’t help but notice that something that was... read more

Halloween with Karaoke Apocalypse

Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Halloween with the DeadMotleySexMaidens: 10. It’s a FREE SHOW! 9. We’re playing at Tiniest Bar in Texas, so you can rock out under the stars. 8. I’m wearing a Xena costume — and I’ve been practicing my sword fighting skills. 7. A few years ago, our (male) drummer wore fake boobs with his costume! 6. Free candy! 5. Live band karaoke = pretty... read more

Eat Your Vegetables: Spinach

According to the World’s Healthiest Foods (and you’ve got to trust a web site with that name): Calorie for calorie, leafy green vegetables like spinach — with its delicate texture and jade green color — provide more nutrients than any other food. Spinach is a great source of: iron calcium anti-oxidants vitamin A (and lutein) vitamin C vitamin E vitamin K magnesium folic acid... read more

Back From the Lost Pines

I woke up before the alarm this morning, and while I was still in that half-asleep haze, I wondered how many times I’ve gotten up in the chilly dark to go castle storming. The extra-early rise was so I could go to Weight Watchers to step on the scale. (My weight’s the same as last week, so no official “I made it to goal” celebration yet. Maybe next week.) My buddy Erin works with me... read more

1-Legged Burpees!

Crystal really outdid herself this morning. 3 rounds: 1-legged burpees, 5L/5R med ball wood choppers, 5L, 5R / 6-, 10-, 8-lb. ball sprint w/ the ball to the first bridge pillar and back 20X overhead med ball throw, 10-lb. ball 20X overhead head tap situp, 10-lb. ball 30X Russian twist, 10-lb. ball The 1-legged burpees were AWESOME. I love when we try something new and it sounds completely ridiculous... read more

Great Running Songs: "Good Vibrations"

I know my running playlist is probably creating the impression that I have terrible taste in music. Maybe I do. But I dare you to not enjoy the piano parts in this one. Dave and I ran the 4.17 mile loop around the lake last night. The weather was perfect, the dogs were cute, and I was faster than usual. Faster than ever, really. 4.17 miles – 37:41 total – 9:02 per mile Tomorrow morning is the... read more

Weighted Bear Crawl

Is it wrong to think this looks... read more

Fail Blog

Oh, man! I’m in a meeting and am getting the serious evil eye from across the table because I keep snickering at this: FailBlog.orgIt’s so awfully awesome. Like... read more

Sign of the Apocalypse

The New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal has hired Bono to write for the Times Op-Ed pages in 2009. The U2 frontman will contribute six to 10 pieces to the paper. Sigh. I think Bono is a pompous jerk, and I imagine that his Op-Ed contributions will only make me believe that even more strongly. Thanks a lot, Bono, for robbing me of the pleasure of strutting defiantly down the street with... read more

I Am A Real American

Dave and his friends created the I Am A Real American site so people can post a short video about themselves with a detail that shows their American-ness: This site was put together in response to some people thinking that there are two kinds of Americans: real Americans, and, uh … false Americans? We’re here to disabuse them of that idea. We are all real Americans. We are all here together. And we... read more

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