Eat Your Vegetables: Spaghetti Squash

I call bullshit on anyone who says, “Spaghetti squash tastes just like spaghetti.” No, it doesn’t. Is it delicious? Sure. But it does not. taste. like. pasta. It does, however, meet my other criteria: it’s easy to cook it’s versatile it’s paleo and Whole30 approved it’s packed with good-for-you stuff like fiber, Vitamin C, Niacin, B6, and Pantothenic Acid, which... read more

Gettin’ the Band Back Together

When I was about five years old, my Aunt Polly came to watch my dance class. According to legend, she took my parents aside and said, “Maybe you should get Melissa a piano.” And so they did. I remember sitting on the steps, waiting for my surprise to arrive. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, there was a Steinway in our dining room with a red John Thompson piano book on the music rack. I... read more

Again With the Silly Cat Video

Completely trashing whatever shreds of punk rock credibility I might have, I give you… another silly cat... read more

Napping Rules

Here’s a pretty kickass piece from the Boston Globe about napping. I’m a lousy nighttime sleeper, but can be a champion-level napper if the environment is right. Put me on a plane, a bus, a ferry, or a train, and I’m out. I kinda sorta almost totally wish I was napping right now. read more

Lucky Number 13: A Story In Photos

My awesome Saturday actually started Friday night when I picked up my Fight Gone Bad packet at the CrossFit Central gym, and I was handed number 13. Woot! Then I got great news at my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning: I’ve lost 47 lbs. and have just .6 to my Weight Watchers goal. I was feeling so good when I got to Whole Foods for FGB, I forgot to be frexcited. I was just straight-up... read more

Bootcamp Without Crystal Is Like Popcorn Without Salt

Got to Bootcamp this morning with my butt dragging. We had a Karaoke Apocalypse show last night and even though I drank only club soda, I went to bed at 12:30 and got up at 6:00, so I was sleeeeeeeeeeeepy. I was also confused when I arrived at our meeting spot and no one else was there. Did I forget where I was supposed to go? Was class canceled? Was I dreaming? I was momentarily flummoxed, and while I... read more

FGB video

Man! The corporate overlords are really cracking the whip today, and my project team ordered lunch delivered. They tried to convince me to indulge with them — they tried to tempt me with the idea of a milkshake (!) — but I’m eating my Zone food, drinking water, and visualizing a kickass performance for tomorrow. (In my visualization, I am incredibly ripped, talented, fast, and somehow... read more

35+36 Burpees

A terribly wonderful (wonderfully terrible?) thing is happening: the phrases “70 burpees” and “not so bad” are forming a connection in my noggin. Today I did a burpee tour of the house: 30-some in the Glamour Room, 20-some in the gazebo in the backyard, and the final sets right here, in my studio, behind my desk. Helpful tips discovered through personal trial and error: Burpees are... read more

Doing Good By Fighting Bad

I worry a little that Mr. Randal Setzler is going to think I’m “single white female-ing” him… but I have to copycat him a little because he can do all the nifty physical tricks the characters in my book will do (and that I will some day, too) and his blog always has such good stuff, like… … this video about Fight Gone Bad. I like it because it doesn’t just showcase... read more

Great Running Songs: "All Over The World"

This is a pretty whack video — it’s actually scenes from Xanadu — but it combines some of my favorite things: Gene Kelly (was anyone lighter on their feet than Mr. G. Kelly?!) roller skating ELO (over-the-top in just the right way) This song is a lifesaver when my legs start feeling like lead… makes me think of dancing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or skipping around Trafalgar... read more

6:00 a.m. Came Really Early Today

I usually wake up before my alarm and enjoy that boozy half-awake/half-asleep feeling for a few minutes before the morning ritual begins. Today, the alarm yanked me out of a really nice dream — so harsh — and before I was even really awake, I was halfway to CrossFit Central. Carey ate her mean Wheaties this morning; the workout was sans fun for me. It felt great — after. But fun? Not so... read more

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