A Story for Every Step

I had to talk my way through every step of our 5-mile run this morning. It was rough going, but it was one of those workouts that signaled “back on track.” I wanted to quit; I didn’t. Mission accomplished. Bonus points for doing four burpees, too, so I’m current with the 100 Day Burpee Challenge. Now: nap. read more

Party Girl

In the past week, I’ve gone dancing TWICE, had cocktails TWICE, skipped writing in my food log THREE times, and slept an average of 5 hours per night. Wow. That’s really bad. I had a great workout this morning at Bootcamp and ate a healthy Zone breakfast. Tomorrow, Dave and I are running 5 miles, and I’ll be doing my solo Spartan workout on Sunday. Hello, track! I’m back. But before... read more

Growing Old Is Not For Sissies

A photographer named Etta Clark published a beautiful series of books back in the ’90s called Growing Old Is Not For Sissies (I & II). The books feature photos of senior athletes along with descriptions of their lives. I fell in love with them (the books and the people within) in my twenties, then lost my fitness focus, got chubby, moved from houseboat to apartment… and the books got left... read more

Barmasters Xtreme

Randal posted this video from Barmasters Xtreme to his blog. You need to see it. I watched it twice, then got off my butt and did two burpees to jump into the CrossFit Central 100 Day Burpee Challenge. (full rules here). Yay,... read more

Fight Gone Bad — I’m Official

As you know, dear readers, I’ve been busting my butt since the beginning of the year, eating like a champ and working out six days a week to get in the best shape of my life. I’m fitter and leaner than ever — and that means I’m more grateful than ever to be healthy. On September 27, I’m participating in Fight Gone Bad. It’s a very challenging workout hosted here in... read more

Where Will I Be? Running.

I relented. I can’t believe I caved… but I did. I just registered Dave and myself for the Nike+ Human Race. That means August 31 will be a double workout day: the Run for the Peanut Butter Bars in the a.m. and the Human Race in the p.m.And that means I get to eat as much as I want. There’s a silver... read more

I Think Carey Tried To Kill Me

I’m really enjoying the challenge of CrossFit Women. The indoor workouts are tough in an entirely different way than Bootcamp — and I love having the best of both worlds. I still get to hang out with my Bootcamp peeps twice a week and get my dose of outdoor socialization time. And I’ve added the “get tough” vibe and energy of the CrossFit gym to my... read more

What a Weekend, Or… Why My Legs Hurt Today

Saturday adventures… 8:00 a.m. – Weight Watchers weigh-inIt bears repeating: Down another three pounds which means I have only 3.2 pounds to my Weight Watchers goal. I lost a total of 44.4. Woohoo! 8:30 a.m. – CrossFit Central UTB WorkoutOver the last few months, the crowd at the UTB has ballooned to more than 90 people each time — and that presented a few logistical challenges for... read more

Three Pounds to Gooooooaaaaaaaal!

I had a fantastic weekend: UTB, dancing, napping. I’ll tell you all about it later — my corporate overlords have me cornered in a meeting until 2:00 p.m. today. As always the first step of the weekend was my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh-in. I lost another three pounds! That means I’m just 3.2 pounds from my Weight Watchers goal weight! When I was born in 1968, I was impatient and... read more

It’s a Snatch!

Darn that Crystal and the workouts that fill her dreams… this was a sweat-tastic Friday morning: Our workout21 – 15 – 9 reps: 1-arm dumbbell snatch, 15-lb. dumbbell box jumps, 20 inches superman Then hill sprints (!) and some partner medicine ball. I went to the mall last night. It was traumatic. So many ugly clothes! But I got two pairs of jeans because my co-worker pal said she was... read more

Face Your Manga

Because I cannot resist sites that allow me to make myself look like a cartoon or superhero: Face Your... read more

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