CrossFit Adventures in NC

About six weeks ago, a reporter for the Star News in Wilmingon, NC, began a CrossFit+The Zone training program. He diligently blogged about his workouts and what he ate. You can read the whole thing here: I decided to start reading on Day 1 of his adventures and move forward from there. Hoping to pick up some new meal ideas, but so far, I’m just envious of the... read more

Full disclosure: Amy’s Peanut Butter Crunch

Later today, I’ll be writing about the totally fun and inspiring run Dave and I did on Saturday morning in Dallas. But first, I have to own up to my foodie sins of the weekend. And let me preface this confessional by saying that I in no way think the occasional ice cream cone (or kolache or decadent Chinese food or Doubletree Hotel chocolate chip cookie) is forbidden. It’s just not a great idea... read more

My Summer Goal

Or, more accurately, the Summer Goal I Recently Added To The List Of ‘Make Mel Better’ Activities ‘Cause There’s Only Five Weeks of the Spartan Challenge Left: Watch for me to hop a railing near you soon. Also on this list is the Hundred Pushups Program, learning to jump on the 24-inch box, and a workout schedule that looks like this: Monday: a.m. CrossFit Women indoor class + p.m.... read more

Turtle Creek

Tomorrow is Saturday which means it’s Dave+Mel Run-day — and since we’re going to be in Dallas, I did a little Webbernet research to find a suitable place to earn a delicious brunch. The Final Sprint provided “Top Three Running Routes in Dallas,” and we chose Turtle Creek.And then, because every good Saturday run deserves an equally-good follow-up breakfast, we’re going... read more

Best. Video. Ever.

read more

Gavin Degraw Week – Day 6

Leaving for Dallas in a few hours — can’t wait! The music overlords won’t let me embed this one, either so go to YouTube to check out Gavin Degraw’s “I Don’t Want To... read more

Gavin Degraw Week – Day 5

Tomorrow is the show, and while Dave is expressing reservations about the crowd and their perceptions of what kind of man he might be. I’m looking forward to the piano playing and the singing and the hats and the general la-la-la-ing of not being at work and being on the brink of the weekend… which means running and Spartan-ing and eating breakfast in a restaurant and taking naps and all kinds... read more

Takin’ It Easy

I’m a “more is better” type of person, so I had mixed feelings when I read Jeff Galloway’s recommendations for training pace in his book Half Marathon: You Can Do It. My original goal was run 9 minutes/walk 1 minute but a few weeks ago, dropped it down to run 5/walk :30 because I read a Galloway article that encouraged shorter running ratios for maximum happiness/healthiness.... read more

Belt It Out!

Things are kinda leisurely (for me) around the house before my workout in the morning. There’s lot of eye rubbing and stretching and puttering around to get my butt out the door and to the hike & bike trail or Deep Eddy park. After my Bootcamp or run, I’m a whirlwind: brushing my teeth while reading a magazine, eating while blow drying my hair, pulling my shirt over my head while reaching... read more

My Promise To You

When I’m thin, I will never wear something like... read more

Gavin Degraw Week – Day 4

This is a review from London’s Evening Standard of a Gavin Degraw show there in May. (There are a lot of prepositions in that sentence. Holy cow!) “DeGraw follows through with great show promise”by Amira Hashish, Evening Standard 29.05.08 Occasionally, you stumble across an exceptional gig; the type that makes you realise why live music is hard to beat in the entertainment stakes. By the... read more

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