I’m Thinking About Cropping My Hair… Again

Thoughts? Opinions? Cautionary Tales? Encouragement? Leave me... read more

New CrossFit Central Spartan 300 Video!

Watch closely and you might see a familiar black ponytail swinging around! Spartan 300 Challenge from CrossFit Central on... read more

Estelle Parsons Kicks Ass

You probably recognize the actress Estelle Parsons‘s face, if not her name. I know her from her memorable appearances on Law & Order, but most people are likely know her for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar she won in 1967 for playing Blanche Barrow (Bonnie’s sister) in Bonnie and Clyde. The New York Times ran a feature story on her yesterday because she’s playing a... read more

Today I Am…

Courtesy of “Create Your Own Superhero,” today I am: Devilicious, fighting think-straight sinners and bad hair with equal... read more

Create Your Own Superhero

Thanks to Whitney at PopCandy for sharing the link to the “Create Your Own Superhero” at the Marvel site. It was so much fun, I might make a new one everyday. Or… even later today. Today, I’m a sardonic Valkyrie:Now you try... read more

Bad Day Bunny

I’m feeling pretty lousy today: headache, upset stomach, general blue mood. Blech. The only option, really, is to spend some time at... read more

101 Kicks In The Butt

Runner’s World published a pretty great list of 101 Kicks In The Butt. It’s targetted to runners, but there are some motivation-enhancing ideas in the list for everyone that needs a boost. Check it out: 101 Kicks In The... read more

Sad News from the CDC

I generally try to make sure we all have a good time here at The Clothes Make the Girl. But I have to jump up on my soapbox today because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently released a report on obesity, and the news was not good: Obesity now affects more than one in four U.S. adults. In 2005, 23.9 percent of adults in the United States were obese, or had a body mass index greater than 30. In... read more

Oh. Sh*t.

Dave and I just printed up our running calendar for the half marathon. It’s 28 weeks long. I have to go to bed. read more

In Which I Pretend To Be Cool

I like this photo Dave took of me on Saturday: read more

Not Quite Parkour – Not Really Hardcore

Hello. My name is Melissa Joulwan. I’m a parkour stalker. I can’t get enough of videos like this and this and this. I registered at the American Parkour web site. I posted a comment on Randal Setzler’s CrossFit Central parkour blog because I’m too intimidated to talk him in person at the UTB workouts. And while I eat lunch** in the 12th floor kitchen, I scan the streets around our... read more

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